Josh Brolin Goes Totally Naked For Outer Range Season 2, See The Photo

Josh Brolin posted a picture of himself artfully nude for Instagram, apparently for season 2 of Outer Range.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

josh brolin

While we all knew that his MCU baddie Thanos was buff, Josh Brolin took to Instagram to show off his physique in a photo that you can see below. While on the set filming the second season of his Amazon Prime Video show, Outer Range, Brolin was captured taking a bit of rest completely in the nude save for his cowboy hat. While he looks off into the distance, the black and white photo of the actor doesn’t leave much to the imagination with fans flocking to the comments to share their love.

As eye-catching as it is, it’s a little hard to know what’s going on with the scandalous image that Josh Brolin has teased the eyes of his fandom with. Although he acknowledges that production is well underway for the second season of the sci-fi western, he says that they’re taking things in “a different direction,” citing the “shifting world” as the reason for this. Without context, this seems like a sarcastic jest, as nothing about the series has drummed up controversy with critics or viewers. 

But, perhaps the post is simply a joke and a poke at Josh Brolin’s nude photo shoot, which the actor said was taken during a lunch break while filming in “the beautiful Santa Fe desert.” Acknowledging that the cast was asked not to share anything about the upcoming season, including production images, Brolin considers his nude interlude to technically not be a part of the workday.

outer range

For those who may not know, Josh Brolin’s latest action-heavy project sees the actor riding horses and slinging guns in the Wild West. Taking place in present-day Wyoming, the Jonah Hex star appears as Royal Abbott, a rancher who finds himself embroiled in a land dispute with their neighbors, the Tillersons. Blending a Yellowstone-like storyline with a sci-fi edge, Royal also stumbles upon a black void in one of his pastures after a drifter named Autumn (Imogen Poots) arrives at the ranch. Adding yet another storyline, we also learn that the Abbotts are dealing with the mysterious disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca.

The series opened to mostly positive reviews from critics with many giving nothing but praise to the performances of Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots. While it premiered on the streamer last spring, audiences bided their time waiting for news on whether Amazon Prime Video would pick the series up for a second season. Finally, the answer came in October 2022 when it was confirmed that Charles Murray would be stepping into the showrunner position to launch the next installment in the Abbotts story.

With filming for the second season of Outer Range now underway, audiences can expect more news from Josh Brolin and his co-stars to come out over the next few weeks and even months. A busy year for the actor, his involvement in the Western project was one reason that he was unable to take the now iconic role of Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us. While we’re excited to see what lies ahead for the Abbott family on their next tango with extraterrestrial life forms, we’re glad that Pedro Pascal landed The Last of Us.