Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joining The Marvel Universe

After several years away from major productions, a new rumor hints that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might soon be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

The Dark Knight Rises Joseph Gordon-Levitt

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a fairly prolific actor in the 2000s and early 2010s, the actor has taken some time off in the last few years. After getting married in 2014, Gordon-Levitt and his wife Tasha McCauley have had two kids, and Gordon-Levitt has seemed pretty busy with his HitRecord online collaboration platform. But if a new rumor is to be believed, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be coming back in a big way, as supposedly the actor is currently in talks with Marvel.

The rumor comes from the site Murphy’s Multiverse, and even writer Charles Murphy says this is more rumor than a scoop. It’s also unclear what project Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be in discussion for, but considering Marvel just announced Jon Watts as director for Fantastic Four, it seems the studio is currently working on getting that production going. Murphy’s primary suggestion is that Gordon-Levitt could be playing either Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards, or Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

Maybe the hardest thing about vague Marvel rumors is trying to figure out which project the actors in question could be a part of. Joseph Gordon-Levitt could easily be a part of some distant project, like Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther II, or Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, all of which have updated casting news in recent weeks. Gordon-Levitt could also be part of some upcoming Disney+ show as well, like Moon Knight or She-Hulk. But since Fantastic Four is one of the more mysterious projects on Marvel’s roster, it’s the most fun one to fan-cast at this point.

Looper Joseph Gordon-Levitt

But joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a big jump back into Hollywood for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The actor started the 2010s strong, as a favorite of Christopher Nolan, he starred in Inception, and technically made his first appearance as a superhero in The Dark Knight Rises, where he played Robin. Gordon-Levitt was in some other major projects at the beginning of the 2010s, including Rian Johnson’s Looper, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, 50/50, and even making his directorial debut with 2013’s Don Jon.

Yet in the last year years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has slowed down his amount of work. After the biographical films of The Walk and Snowden, Gordon-Levitt kept his career mostly to cameos and smaller films, until this year. Gordon-Levitt started 2020 by appearing in the Netflix original superhero film Project Power with Jamie Foxx. Also this year, Gordon-Levitt appeared in the massive ensemble of Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7. Slowly but surely, it seems like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back to making major films again.

While the possibility of Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just a rumor for now, the actor would be a great addition to this ever-expanding world. But considering Gordon-Levitt is just starting to eke his way back into the spotlight, it seems like coming back as one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe might be a bit too much of a leap. Regardless, it’s great to see Gordon-Levitt back in films again, and hopefully, he’s now back for good.

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