Jordan Peele’s Nope Teases Aliens As The Villains, See The Movie Poster

By Dan Lawrence | 2 months ago

jordan peele twilight zone

Jordan Peele is carving out a career as somewhat of a horror-auteur, blending fear with ethical and moral questions. He burst onto the scene with Get Out, which won Peele an Oscar for his writing. Get Out was followed up by the equally impressive Us in 2019. Now, this year, Jordan Peele is bringing us Nope. Reports have shown a new poster that has been released for the upcoming July theatre release, that further hints that Nope’s antagonists are not of this world. 

Get Out showed audiences just how scary white supremacists can be, Us taught us that sometimes the greatest thing to fear, is our own image and perception of self. So, naturally, the progression for Jordan Peele’s seemingly life-long mission to scare the bejeezus out of everyone is to look to outer space? The poster for nope, seen below, has a Black Horse front and centre rising to the sky, underneath an ominous black cloud. Surrounding the horse are several objects, among them are alien figurines. This has got to be a clear message, in Nope, the aliens have got a bone to pick with the film’s characters. 

jordan peele nope

Nope will be written and directed by Jordan Peele. It stars Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluyaa as the proprietors of the only Black-owned horse ranch in California in a sleepy small town. The film also stars Steven Yeun, Euphoria‘s Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea and Michael Wincott.

What is known about the plot is sparse. However, it is known that Palmer and Kaluyaa star as Jill and James Underwood, the aforementioned ranch owners and that their world is turned upside down when a serious threat comes to their hometown. The first teaser did nothing to reveal plot detail, serving more as an announcement as it cut together images of Peele’s previous two features before ending with a Nope title reveal. However, the most recent trailer reveals a few more details. Several panicked faces look up to the sky, people are yanked in the air, there are dark ominous clouds, as well as mysterious objects in the sky. It is unnerving, chilling, everything you expect from a Jordan Peele movie. The trailer, coupled with the poster, definitely hints at the threat of the extraterrestrial. 

Beyond what has been revealed in the trailers and poster, the plot of Nope is still a mystery. Rather than overfeed fans with details and what to expect, Jordan Peele is deciding to keep viewers in the dark. Perhaps he wants to make sure that audiences can live and breathe, and scream at the surprises as they unfold in cinemas from July 22nd 2022 onwards. It may only be Jordan Peele’s third feature, but due to the strength of his first two, anticipation for Nope is expected to be high. 

Nope will be produced by Peele’s company MonkeyPaw Productions along with Universal. Joran Peele has also produced other work outside of his three feature films. Most notably he’s helped create the reboot of The Twilight Zone series, Lovecraft County and the Candyman remake. Sometimes, given Peele’s prowess as a filmmaker and his aptitude for mind-bending horror, it’s easy to forget his comedy maestro days in Key and Peele. However, his work with Keegan-Michael Key shows such a profound understanding of genre and cinema in each and every sketch, it’s no surprise that Nope is being anticipated as another great addition to cinema.