Jon Bernthal And Thomas Jane Unite, See The Punisher Actors Together

Two different Punisher actors, Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane, have a photo taken together in an image posted on Reddit.

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After Marvel united Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with previous Spider-Men Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been itching to see other instances where past and present portrayals of a character unite. Now, fans are looking at Marvel’s notorious anti-hero Punisher. In a photo posted on Reddit, Punishers Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane are hanging out, sparking speculation that they could be working on a project together.

The Punishers – Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane
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In the photo, Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane are seen posing with a man that Reddit users have identified as Taran Butler. Butler is seen wearing a t-shirt with the Punisher skull logo emblazoned on the front. Butler has served as a weapons consultant for films in the John Wick franchise and has worked with directors like James Cameron and actors like Keanu Reeves and Michael B. Jordan.

The context of the photo is largely a mystery, but given Butler’s role as a Hollywood consultant, it could be possible that Bernthal and Jane were doing some training work leading into Bernthal’s upcoming reprisal of his role as Punisher. In the photo, you can see Jon Bernthal, Thomas Jane, and Taran Butler posing in front of a wall display of what looks like multiple firearms.

This could be on a set, or it could be at Butler’s training facility.

Jon Bernthal starred in the television series The Punisher for two seasons before the show was canceled, and is the most recent actor to take up the mantle of Punisher. Fortunately for fans, Bernthal will be reprising his role as Punisher in the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again.

One question fans still have about Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane is how the backstories of Punisher will be weaved into the MCU. When Disney picked up Charlie Cox to reprise his role as Matt Murdock in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law he was a side character, and fans weren’t given much information about his backstory. As of now, although it is the same actor, fans aren’t sure whether Daredevil’s exploits with the rest of the heroes from The Defenders series and his experiences with Punisher will be recognized as an established backstory or retconned entirely.  

Thomas Jane punisher

Although Jon Bernthal is the most recent Punisher, Thomas Jane may be the one fans are most familiar with. Jane starred as Frank Castle in 2004’s The Punisher and was synonymous with the character for over a decade. Excitingly, Jane has repeatedly expressed his interest in wanting to direct a reboot of The Punisher with Bernthal as the titular character. 

It appears from the photo that Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane are at least in communication, and with Punisher making a reappearance in the MCU, anything is possible. With so many moving parts in the MCU, it can be hard to keep track of individual characters, but it also means that there is always potential for characters to pop up in places and ways that we don’t expect them. Fans should keep an eye out for Thomas Jane who could be involved in some capacity with the character moving forward.

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