Joker 2 Actors Aren’t Being Allowed To Use The Bathroom?

Extras working on the set of Joker 2 have complained about not getting proper time to use the bathroom and drink water.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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The on-set issues have already begun for Joker 2, as TMZ has reported that extras are complaining about not being given proper access to bathrooms. Apparently, actors have been working for 2 hours nonstop, and have been barred from using the bathroom and drinking water during that time. The extras are going through camera setups, which usually take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour, leaving many to have to hold off from using the bathroom.

Apparently, when one extra on the set of Joker 2 had asked to use the bathroom between camera changes, they had to state to the assistant director why it was an emergency to use the bathroom. When the person returned from using the bathroom, they also grabbed a cup of water. This move also angered the assistant director who reportedly said, “Why are you drinking more water…So you have to go pee again?”

The extra that asked to use the bathroom was berated enough, that most of the other extras have not dared to attempt to ask to use the restroom themselves. A formal complaint was issued to SAG, who has since sent a representative to speak to the production of Joker 2. Production has also been cooperative with SAG, who will now continue to monitor the set and provide updates.

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Despite some of the extras complaining about the treatment on the set of Joker 2, others are choosing to stay quiet, for fear they will lose out on their work. Apparently, extra work in Hollywood is quite rare right now, and Joker 2 is set for a five-week shooting schedule in Burbank. That five weeks of work might be what extras need right now to stay afloat in a slower-than-normal Hollywood extra work landscape.

It could also be that Todd Phillips is wanting to torture the extras a bit to get some real reactions from the extras on Joker 2. The first Joker film had similar issues, as some extras were locked in a Brooklyn subway car for over three hours, according to another report from TMZ back in 2018. The extras being locked in the subway car led to many having to relieve themselves on the tracks of the shoot.

Suffering sometimes makes some great art, but we understand that the production of Joker 2 could be shut down if more problems persist. That is presumably unlikely with the many organizations like SAG stepping in to cool things down, but it’s still a possibility. Joker: Folie à Deux aka Joker 2 is set for a release in 2024, so there is likely plenty of time for issues in the production to be ironed out a bit more.

Joker 2 will officially be released on October 4, 2024, and will see the return of director Todd Phillips and leading man Joaquin Phoenix. Joining Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck as the Joker is Lady Gaga, who will be portraying Batman villain, Harley Quinn. We are not sure how many other classic villains are going to be shown in the new sequel, but we can’t wait to see it.