Johnny Depp Just Received Major Support For His Next Film

The Saudi Arabian Red Sea International Film Festival has signed on to assist Johnny Depp's Le Favorite with post-production support.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Johnny Depp’s latest film, his first since the controversial court case with ex-wife Amber Heard, just got a significant boost now that it is entering post-production. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the Red Sea International Film Festival, from Saudi Arabia, is providing post-production support for the film, in exchange for being listed as executive producers. The film, Le Favorite, was formerly known as Jeanne Du Barry, and it will be Depp’s first French film.

Le Favorite stars Johnny Depp as King Louis XV, following the rise of his mistress, Madame Du Barry, played by Maïwenn, from a poor seamstress to the official consort of the King. Maïwenn is also the writer, director, and producer of the film, which business as usual for the French star. What’s unusual about the financing arrangement with the Red Sea International Film Festival is how the organization is making their first step into the international market.

With over 170 films supported by the organization, the Red Sea International Film Festival has worked with African and Middle-Eastern productions, Le Favorite is the first international film to receive backing from the group. Contrary to some of the laws regarding woman in Saudi Arabia, the festival specifically stated that supporting Le Favorite is part of its “ongoing mission to support distinctive filmmaking and champion visionary female talent both on and behind the camera from around the world.” Despite the, at the time, controversial casting of Johnny Depp, Netflix has also signed on to help release the film.

johnny depp
Johnny Depp as Louis XV in Le Favorite

Johnny Depp was cast in Le Favorite back in May of 2022, when his trial was at the forefront of the public conscious and dominating social media. Since then, after a judge ruled in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, his casting has gone from a potential albatross to a selling point for the film. Even with appeals being filed, both by Heard and Depp, public opinion has swung dramatically in favor of the 21 Jump Street star, making it just a matter of time before his name is attached to another blockbuster project.

A future Pirates of the Caribbean movie starring Johnny Depp is unlikely as the franchise is rebooting with a younger cast, and with Margot Robbie, though it remains to be seen if either of those projects ever make it to the big screen. Could Depp be part of the rebooted DCU? Possibly, as the MCU got started with a redemption project for Robert Downey Jr., so it would be poetic to do the same for another actor.

In the meantime, fans of Johnny Depp can look forward to seeing the talented star prove just how good his acting ability is in a different language with Le Favorite. Behind the camera, he will soon be directing Modigliani, an adaptation of a play by Dennis McIntyre, about an Italian artist. With a settlement last month between Depp and Heard, hopefully all the news about them moving forward will be able to focus on his upcoming projects.