An Important Piece Of Johnny Depp Memorabilia Is Up For Sale

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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Fans of Johnny Depp can now own one of the most important pieces of memorabilia from his illustrious career. It has been announced that the house in which Edward Scissorhands was filmed, is now on the market. The house is located in Lutz, Florida, which is just outside of Tampa. While real estate in that area might not account for the high price that is being asked for, this house is part of cinema history. Edward Scissorhands is arguably the turning point or movie in Depp’s career, which helped launch the actor into Hollywood royalty.

The house in question has been listed as of last Wednesday and has a price point of $700,000. While that might seem like a steep price to pay, the current owner has renovated the home to look as close as possible to the film. The owner, Joe Klops, purchased the house two years ago for $230,000. While going from $230k to $700k is quite a leap, the house is also said to contain plenty of memorabilia from the film. The memorabilia inside are also part of the purchase. Whoever buys the house is welcome to keep all items within. Those items include a life-sized Edward Scissorhands mannequin. Good luck running into that thing at night and not getting freaked out. While there is no telling all the items that exist from this Johnny Depp classic within the house, someone might make away with some great finds. The house contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and mushroom wallpaper that covers the kitchen and other rooms to match the general aesthetic of the film. One thing is for sure, there had better be some T-Rex and Flamingo shrubbery in the front of the house.

johnny depp edward scissorhands house

Edward Scissorhands came out in 1990 and follows the life of an abandoned artificial being with scissors for hands. A suburban mother finds Edward and attempts to input him into a life that he can’t possibly match up with. This film was one of the chief reasons that Johnny Depp rose to superstardom. This film was also the starting point between Depp and Tim Burton’s long-standing relationship. The pair would work together on other films including Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, and Sweeney Todd. Something about the acting of Depp worked well with the creepy and macabre aesthetic in which Burton continually makes his films.

Considering that Florida is a place of relaxation and often a place that is synonymous with retiring, one lucky patron might be able to buy the house and live out the rest of their life in isolation, much like Edward Scissorhands did. Maybe that’s a bit too dark. Either way, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton partnered together to turn this 1990 film into a classic. Owning such an important piece of cinema history might be why the asking price is currently $700k. Or the current owner has seen fit to plaster autographs and legit pieces from the movie set into the house. Now that would be an amazing thing to walk into after purchasing the said house.