Johnny Depp Appears As Jack Sparrow And Fans Demand Apology From Disney

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

johnny depp

The world was a bit shocked yesterday, when a video appeared on Twitter, showing Johnny Depp appearing as Captain Jack Sparrow. This quick shot was part of a light show that occurred at Disneyland Paris. The quick instance of Depp as Sparrow was caught on the castle at the theme park, leaving speculation that it could mean his return to the franchise. But more than that, fans became a bit upset that Disney would use his image now that he has been absolved of wrongdoing in court. Fans have taken to Twitter to demand that the media conglomerate publicly apologize now. You can see the initial video below:

It does seem quite odd that Disney would outright use the image of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow so fast after winning his lawsuit but have not commented on their support of the man. They were quick to remove him from the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot talks but offered no support. This sentiment was picked up by fans who demand apologies.

The above Twitter user has a point. The actor had his name drug through the mud online and lost out on two big franchises. Now that Disney has seen fit to promote Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, they should publicly say something about supporting him.

Johnny Depp did say he wouldn’t return as Captain Jack Sparrow for $300 million in court. Maybe this tweet has a point. Since Disney is using his name, they should compensate him in some fashion.

More support is coming in from those who take huge issue with Johnny Depp being shown as Captain Jack Sparrow before he was let go so fast. If he is going to return to the franchise, Disney should step up and say something. So far, only Jerry Bruckheimer has voiced his support for the actor.

While we understand this Twitter user is gung-ho about the hypocrisy of using Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow without apologizing, we don’t think that Disney can be banned. The company owns a ton of property, and they aren’t going away any time soon.

Johnny Depp as Sparrow has been one of the best casting choices in the past 20 years. It truly is a match that has driven that franchise into becoming one of the most successful and most liked, well, apart from the last few films. Despite that, the franchise lives and dies on the man being in the films. Though there is going to be a Margot Robbie-led film, and a Dwayne Johnson rumored spinoff, bringing Depp back would solidify the franchise again.

We can understand why fans are so upset that Johnny Depp portrayed as Captain Jack Sparrow was used so quickly without an apology. Maybe the public outcry can help that to happen. Either way, Disney should do what they can to bring the man back to the franchise. Hopefully, now that he is a free man, there can be some talks of Depp returning. It may have to be for a multi-film deal that reaches over $300 million, but it should be heavily considered.