John Wick Spinoff Lands A Major Director

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

john wick spinoff

With the John Wick franchise only growing, it makes sense that we would start to see other stories spun off in this universe as well as backstory about things that happened before we met the titular assassin. The latter is happening sooner than later with a John Wick spinoff in the works. And it just landed a major director. The Hollywood Reporter has it that Albert Hughes has signed on to helm two of the three installments of The Continental. It’s a major addition to what could amount to a very cool story. 

The John Wick spinoff series The Continental will focus on the hotel/ assassin meet-up hot spot (among other things) that’s become central to the overall story. Originally envisioned to be an entire television series, the prequel spinoff has been sectioned into three separate “episodes” which will each run about 90 minutes. The budget for each episode is reported to be in the $20 million range meaning the production value should be at least in line with the current franchise. Albert Hughes is set to direct the first two. There is no word on who will take over the third film in the run.  

Albert Hughes has an interesting story on his hands here with this John Wick spinoff series. The Continental has become a key element in the John Wick franchise with its patrons all of the killing type. The place has its own particular set of codes and rules, attached to a larger group of killers who are now, in the current franchise, out for Wick’s blood. The series will focus primarily on a younger version of Winston (played in the main franchise by Ian McShane) and will take place in the 1970s. 

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Long working as a creative and directing partner with his twin brother Allen. For the early part of their careers, they helmed the critically acclaimed Menace II Society and then followed that up with Dead Presidents and then The Book of Eli. In later years they’ve worked on more solo projects and most recently Albert directed the pilot episode of The Good Lord Bird starring Ethan Hawke. The Showtime limited series was nominated for a number of different awards. 

This John Wick spinoff series will air on Starz, though there is no timeline for when it will actually hit the screens. We are just getting information now about the overall premise and plot as well as who the key creatives will be for the three “episodes”. Franchise director Chad Stahleski is on as a producer. There’s currently no word on whether any of the franchise regulars will reprise a role here. Considering the timelines, it’s possible we see some familiar faces. 

Before this John Wick spinoff series hits the screen, we will have a fourth movie in the still-budding franchise. When the original movie came out back in 2014, it was a surprise hit about Keanu Reeves’ vengeance and killing tour through New York City, taking out an entire section of the mafia because they killed his dog and stole his car. Since then, the franchise has only grown with more than $500 million in box office receipts through the first three films. John Wick 4 is currently filming after facing some pandemic-related delays.