See John Stamos As Tony Stark In The MCU

John Stamos as Tony Stark? This variant of the Invincible Iron Man makes a pretty good case for the star of Full House.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

john stamos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was the best thing that ever happened to Iron Man. The character, that is. Prior to being positioned as the genesis and eventual centerpiece of the MCU, Iron Man had generally been considered a somewhat second-tier Marvel Comics character, vastly less popular than the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man. However, the combination of Kevin Feige’s worldbuilding, Jon Favreau’s humorous directing, and most importantly, Robert Downey Jr’s career-revitalizing performance turned Iron Man into one of the most popular superheroes in the world. However, some ask: what if he wasn’t Robert Downey Jr? What if he was in fact, John Stamos?

This fan art of John Stamos portrays the actor as an alternate version of Tony Stark, complete with some of the billionaire playboy genius’s most iconic affectations. The image is courtesy of French graphic designer Samuel Chevé, who recently posted it to his Instagram account. In the picture, John Stamos has Tony Stark’s trademark mustache and goatee combo, not to mention his classic “brush back and way up high” hairstyle. John Stamos is also wearing Iron Man’s EDITH (an acronym for “Even Dead I’m The Hero,” because Tony Stark is Tony Stark) glasses, which he would later bequeath to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which sets off a whole bunch of trouble for everyone. Noticeably, John Stamos is also wearing a small Avengers logo pin on his label, which is nice to see for some team loyalty. 

The fan casting of John Stamos as Iron Man already has some basis in fact. John Stamos is currently voicing a version of the character in the CGI cartoon Spidey and His Amazing Friends on Disney Junior, which certainly shows that the Full House actor can pull the smarmy charming of the world’s most heroic alcoholic billionaire. It has also led some fans to think (or perhaps hope) that John Stamos could appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper as an Iron Man variant. After all, the MCU has been going all in on the multiverse concept (but who isn’t these days?) with an entire show dedicated pretty much to the idea that there are a whole bunch of Norse Gods of Mischief floating around. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness just codified that we are going to see more and more variants of familiar characters (and John Krasinski) in the future, so why not John Stamos as Iron Man?

John Stamos is not the only person to have been bandied about as a potential replacement to Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. Tom Cruise has been heavily rumored for years to appear as the Superior Iron Man at some point, though whether that means he would actually be portraying the evil version of Tony Stark (perhaps in that glimpse of an alternate reality ruled by Tony Stark) is unknown. If we get John Stamos in the mix, maybe we could see a whole bunch of Tony Starks in the MCU. We shall just have to pray the universe can bear it.