Some Good News Episode 2: John Krasinski Brings In The Entire Cast Of Hamilton

Some Good News is exactly what its title says it is. Fifteen minutes of feel-good stories from across the United States.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

The globe is spinning. Quickly. It’s obvious a hand is holding the globe as another comes in to keep it spinning. It’s fairly brief as we are then greeted by a handmade sign with the wildly painted letters SGN on it. And that, folks, is the introduction of actor John Krasinski’s Some Good News report, one we hope becomes a regular staple in this time of much needed good news.

Some Good News is exactly what its title says it is. Fifteen minutes of feel-good stories from across the United States. Not one bad word, not one thing controversial, everything he “reports” on leaves viewers with a smile and even brings a tear or two.

The second episode just arrived and it brings the entire cast of Hamilton along with it. Watch…

And here’s the first episode….

The humor Krasinski warmly tosses around is infectious but in a good way. In a way, its reminiscent of a TV character he played a while back, Jim Halpert, in a teeny show you all may have heard of, The Office. Since the end of The Office in 2013, Krasinski has gone on to numerous other projects, most notably a starring and directing role in the hit film A Quiet Place. He has returned to both roles in A Quiet Place II, which hopefully will premiere sometime later this year.

The Office Anniversary

Speaking of The Office, Krasinski had a BIG surprise for fans. Partway through the SGN showing above, Krasinski spoke about the 15-year anniversary of the hit show and then went to his “entertainment correspondent” Steve Carell aka The World’s Greatest Boss, Michael Scott.

The two friends catching up and reminiscing about their show and you can’t help but laugh along with them. Krasinski includes little clips from The Office as they look back on happy times. Each shared their happiest memories from the show. Here’s what they came up with…

John’s Best Office Memories

  • “When you did the episode where you played Santa… and Brian was chosen to sit on your lap… By the time they got to the switch-pan to me I was on the floor.”
  • “The most emotional I’ve ever been on set… the episode where you leave.”

Steve’s Best Office Memories

  • “All of our exchange around the mico-size flat screen TV.”
  • “When we were doing fun run and it was about 105 degrees outside.”
  • “When you came in as Dwight that day, it was crazy watching Jim do Dwight.”

How You Can Be A Part Of Some Good News

John Krasinski’s new web show is generated by good news suggested via fans. To suggest good news for use on Some Good News, all you have to do is CLICK HERE.

For his part, Krasinski tweeted out to his followers a request for some good news.

And boy did he get a response.

Life, as we know it, has been turned upside down the past month or so as COVID-19 has left many of us housebound. The news has been much of a downer because of this, the political tug-of-war (which actually started way before the coronavirus) has ramped up even further to cast a large shadow. So, when Krasinski showed up out of nowhere treated the world with Some Good News, it was a very welcome sight.