John Krasinski Reveals All He Knows About The Fantastic Four Reboot

John Krasinski has played Reed Richards once so far and he is ready to reveal what he knows about Marvel's Fantastic Four.

By Douglas Helm | Published

John Krasinski

One of the most exciting parts of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the introduction of the Illuminati, which included Patrick Stewart’s Professor X making his first appearance in the proper MCU and the fan-favorite casting of John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards come to fruition. Marvel kept the Fantastic Four hype going by officially announcing the movie as part of Phase 6. At this point, the expected 2024 release date and the fact that the movie won’t be an origin story are the only things we know for sure. According to John Krasinski, that’s all he knows too. During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Krasinksi said “they don’t tell you anything.” Check out the interview below:

While John Krasinski could be playing coy, Marvel does like to keep things pretty close to the vest for their upcoming projects. While Krasinski undoubtedly knows a little more than he’s letting on, like whether or not he’s in the movie, it seems like he’s going to keep pretty tight-lipped about it. When Fallon egged him on, bringing up the rumor that his wife Emily Blunt could be playing Sue Storm in the movie, Krasinski pretended the Marvel higher-ups took him out with a blow dart.

While John Krasinski definitely played Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be playing the role in the Fantastic Four reboot. The movie established that variants of characters don’t necessarily have to look exactly like the main MCU versions we know. For instance, we’ve seen various different versions of Loki, including an alligator Loki, in the Loki TV series. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also showed us Lasana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau taking on the Captain Marvel mantle, rather than Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers. Then again, all of the Strange variants we saw were played by Benedict Cumberbatch, so there’s precedent for the Reed Richards in the prime Marvel universe to look like Krasinski and no one would bat an eye.

There’s also the potential that Marvel could tap John Krasinski to write or direct the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Krasinski is now well established in both of those areas thanks to his critically acclaimed work on A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part 11. He also starred in the first movie, so there’s no reason he couldn’t pull triple-duty for Fantastic Four as well. Marvel will need to be replacing the director of Fantastic Four regardless after Jon Watts dropped out to take a break from superhero films. Watts directed all three MCU Spider-Man films, so it’s understandable he might be feeling a little burnt out.

Whether or not John Krasinski reprises the role of Reed Richards, we’ll be getting Fantastic Four with or without him. In the meantime, you can check out Krasinski’s work on the other side of the comic-book aisle as the voice of Superman in the animated DC League of SuperPets. DC League of Super-Pets is hitting theaters this weekend, with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, and Keanu Reeves also starring.