See John Cena Covered In Blood For Peacemaker Series

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

john cena

According to filmmaker James Gunn, Peacemaker is a bad dude. We’re going to first meet Gunn’s take on the character for the big screen in The Suicide Squad when it releases on August 6, 2021. However, the studio is already betting that we’ll want to get to know him a lot better. They’ve been filming the new Peacemaker series for HBO Max in Vancouver, Canada. Today, we have our first look at what John Cena will look like as Peacemaker in the series, covered in blood and standing in front of a trailer painted to match his outfit.

Take a look at the photo of John Cena for the Peacemaker series below, as released by Empire.

john cena peacemaker

They didn’t share what episode of Peacemaker is being filmed in this photo, but boy, John Cena is covered in a lot of blood. Everything that’s been said about his character so far makes it sound like Cena’s character may be covered in blood during a lot of the eight episodes we have coming our way. While this is our first look at Cena on the set for the HBO Max series, it’s also our first look at his trailer. It has to be assumed that since it’s painted to match his outfit that this is where Peacemaker lives. The attention to over-the-top detail is just too funny, too perfect, and already hints that this series may be as wild as everything we’ve seen about The Suicide Squad so far.

Introducing the Peacemaker series and his character, writer and director James Gunn said: “He’s not a good guy. And he wears the goofiest costume you’ve ever seen in your life.” That seems about right. Gunn is the mind that brought us Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. Now, everything we’ve seen for promoting The Suicide Squad at DC has made the film look wilder and weirder than any of his work before. He likes to lean into developing unique characters. While John Cena hasn’t spoken a lot about Peacemaker, he has shown his enthusiasm in other ways. For example, he was doing all of his interviews for the WWE while wearing his Peacemaker costume a few months ago. Then there’s the fact that he signed on for this new series for HBO Max. It seems like he’s enjoying the role.

suicide squad john cena peacemaker

It’s interesting that of all the characters in The Suicide Squad (and there are a lot of them), Peacemaker is the one getting his own HBO Max series. What we know so far about the series is that it’s going to explore the origins for John Cena’s character. That may mean that Peacemaker is a prequel series and takes place before The Suicide Squad, or it may only mean that the character is returning home to his origins and we’ll see more of where he came from. At this point, details on the story are sparse.

We do know that James Gunn wrote all eight episodes for the series and will be directing five of them himself. Apparently, during pandemic lockdowns, Gunn began writing the series for fun. He didn’t have an order and didn’t talk to HBO about this ahead of time. But then, in a moment of synchronicity, the network asked him which of The Suicide Squad characters he felt deserved their own series, and Gunn immediately told them John Cena. The project got quickly underway, and now we’re expecting to see Peacemaker as soon as January, 2022. That’s not long after we meet him in The Suicide Squad on August 6, 2021.