John Cena Faces Massive Backlash After Peacemaker Post About Ukraine

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

John Cena

The world finds itself in turmoil as Russia has seen fit to invade and attempt to take over Ukraine. The entire globe is watching and waiting while the Ukrainians are fighting with their lives to stop the invading forces. Plenty of sanctions from many countries has been put in place to stop the flow of support of any kind to Russian forces. Usually, in uncertain times, most people don’t want to hear the opinions of celebrities. Remember the celebrities singing from their mansions while the world suffered from a global pandemic? That did not go over well. That is also the case for John Cena, who now finds himself in a great deal of trouble for a tweet that he sent out just days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You can read the tweet below:

Now, we can agree that John Cena is merely tweeting about the character he portrayed. However, many are pointing out the timing in which Cena decided to drop his wishful thinking of taking on the real-life powers of the said character. While he is aptly named, Peacemaker, the character also has no issues with killing women, children, and whoever stands in the way of peace. As stated by Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad film. Peacemaker is egotistical, maniacal, and quite simply a murderer of epic proportions. While Ukraine is asking for aid, no one is asking for a trigger-happy anti-hero. Some fans are even claiming that the above tweet is in poor taste, as Cena is accused of promoting the show using the current global event.

John Cena has proven that his personality doesn’t match up to the characters which he is portraying, however, there are plenty of people calling out the actor for his more recent Twitter posts as being seen as tone-deaf and irresponsible. Although it is likely Cena’s past performances in the WWE that make him speak out in certain ways, he needs to find even more ways to express himself that don’t paint the actor in a negative manner. Again, this current tweet could have been his want to just have superpowers, but it was definitely bad timing in delivery.

john cena peacemaker post-credit scenes

It could also be that John Cena was merely attempting to inadvertently say that he would go help the Ukrainian people if he had superpowers, but maybe using the Peacemaker character to address that desire wasn’t the way to go. Either way, this is just poor timing. Promoting a show during a time of crisis is always going to get torn apart by the public. Even more so if the character in the show has a bit of a messed-up moral compass, which doesn’t translate well to actual peace.

John Cena might need to stave off tweeting about current situations for a bit. Calling for peace is one thing but calling for a Peacemaker level of peace is something completely different. Especially considering how insulting the character can be and would likely be in this current situation. Cena should follow his wrestling catchphrase and disappear for a bit so we can’t see him.