See John Boyega As DC’s Red Hood

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

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John Boyega is an incredible talent – if you have not seen Attack the Block, you are missing out on one of the greatest films of the past decade – and it is going to be fascinating seeing what his next giant role is going to be after his less-than-enthusiastic experience in the Star Wars franchise. If the actor had a chance, there is one notable comic book character that he would love to play.

In a Twitter exchange with a fan back in August, John Boyega revealed that he would love to play Red Hood a.k.a. Jason Todd. This led to a groundswell of support for his casting, and Instagram user spdrmnkyxxiii decided to make a mockup of what the actor could look like in the role. Check out the excellent piece right here:

That’s not the only piece of art that imagines John Boyega as Red Hood. Back in September, another Twitter user posted some art and the actor actually responded to the image. You can see Boyega’s endorsement right here:

And now it looks like there is genuine fan support for John Boyega to take on the role. A cursory search resulted in a lot of artwork that depicts the actor in the role. Here’s another really great piece:

And one of the best pieces that we were able to find was this one, which almost looks like it could be professional concept art for a Red Hood movie starring John Boyega:

In the comics, Jason Todd is the second Robin after Dick Grayson leaves Batman to become Nightwing. Todd is eventually murdered by the Joker but is brought back to life unbeknownst to Batman. He takes on the mantle of Red Hood – a character that was originally a costume for the Joker himself – and turns into a Punisher-like vigilante. He has been depicted as a tenuous ally or enemy of Batman in the comics, and it is a relationship that would provide John Boyega a lot of great dramatic material to work with.

We know that Red Hood will be appearing in the newest season of Titans, but the character has yet to show up in a big-screen DC film. Casting an actor like John Boyega would give the role a lot of attention. And it would give audiences a taste of a Batman/Robin relationship that hasn’t really been explored in most mainstream offerings. The best we have gotten is Batman: Under the Red Hood – which is very good – but as a direct-to-video animated movie, its audience reach has been relatively small.

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John Boyega is a phenomenal actor and there is no doubt he would bring something truly special to the role of Red Hood a.k.a. Jason Todd. Although this is nothing but a pie-in-the-sky wish from fans at this point, we hope the fan momentum could catch the eye of the Warner Bros./DC executives. Seeing John Boyega in a role that he has such passion for would be a big plus after his downer feelings about Finn.