John Boyega To Star In A DC Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

john boyega star wars feature

John Boyega has not had a truly high profile role in a major studio film since he ended his tenure with Disney and the Star Wars universe. Fans have been wondering what his next big role could be. If a new report is true, it sounds like the former Finn could be throwing his hat into the DC universe.

Small Screen is claiming that John Boyega has been in official talks with Warner Bros./DC for a role in an upcoming feature film. The source for Small Screen emphasizes that it is a role that would be in future DC movies and not any of their current or planned television/streaming shows. They also stress that Boyega has been “locked in talks for some time now” with Warner Bros./DC for this role.

If this report is on the money, the real question is: what role is John Boyega attempting to get in the DC universe? If we were betting folks, our money would be on Red Hood. We have heard reports in the past that Red Hood is a role that Boyega specifically wants to pursue. He has posted on social media in the past about his interest in the character of Red Hood, and fan art of him as the role has cropped up in support of his interest in the character.

Why is John Boyega so interested in Red Hood? The character is a relatively recent one in the DC universe. He is Jason Todd, a former Robin to DC’s flagship hero, Batman. Todd was murdered by the Joker but was brought back to life without Batman’s knowledge. Todd then took on the persona of Red Hood, a criminal that had been one of the personas of the Joker himself. As Red Hood, Todd decided to become a Punisher-like vigilante and control all crime in Gotham City in order to manage it in a way that Batman never could.

Essentially, Red Hood acts as a tenuous ally and even foe to Batman. It’s the kind of complicated role that John Boyega could absolutely bring a level of gravitas and strength to. But another question remains: what DC movie would Red Hood fit into? Would he be a part of a possible sequel to The Batman? Or could it be a part of the many plans that HBO Max seems to have for the DC cinematic universe? As of now, it doesn’t look like there is a current project that Red Hood would fit into. Would DC craft a project solely for Boyega to play Red Hood?

Or possibly John Boyega is in discussion for a totally different role. As of now, this is all speculation. However, Boyega is an undeniable talent – if you haven’t seen Attack the Block, rectify that immediately – and it would be awesome to see him enter the DC universe in any role. Still, if he is passionate about the role of Red Hood, it would be doubly fantastic to see him bring that character to the big screen.