Jobless Reincarnation Is A Creepy Anime For Reasons We Need To Acknowledge

By Nina Phillips | Published

jobless reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation is an Isekai about a jobless layabout who ends up dying and being reborn into another world as a child. While the story has a lot of potentials, with the character growing and getting over the trauma he experienced in his past life, the series is ultimately let down by making him such an awful person. While he grows up and learns in ways he never could in his original world, the main character continues being a predator, and it detracts from the show as a whole. 

It’s Popular, But Still Creepy

Jobless Reincarnation has an interesting storyline and has attracted many fans since airing in 2021. On My Anime List, the series has earned a score of 8.37 and is #101 in popularity. 

While many people love this show, there’s no doubt that Jobless Reincarnation is a disturbing series and there are some tasteless moments throughout its episodes. 

His Age Makes It Weird

The overarching story is heartwarming. Rudeus, the main character, struggles through his abandonment issues in his original world to learn how to love and be loved without fearing everyone leaving him. He grows and becomes a better person with people to support him. 

However, there’s one problem, and that’s his age. In Jobless Reincarnation, Rudeus is transported from his world into the new one, and allowed to start over as he is reborn as a baby. The only problem is that he was originally a 40-year-old man and retains all of his memory and original personality. 

The Age Difference Isn’t Handled Seriously

jobless reincarnation

So while on the surface of the show, he’s a kid falling in love with another kid, that’s not actually the case, and the almost constant reminders of how old Rudeus really is mentally puts a blemish on the entire heartwarming tale behind the story. 

And unfortunately, the Jobless Reincarnation doesn’t shy away from this fact. He often demonstrates his mental age as he turns the table on his parents and talks about the assets of the women in his life.

His perviness and predatory behaviors are treated as a gag rather than a problem to the point that it detracts from his character growth because it’s the one thing he never grows out of or learns to be better about. 

He Doesn’t Need To Be A Predator To Be Interesting

jobless reincarnation

Rudeus had many other problems, such as being lazy and a slob in his past life. The story could have easily focused on these things and made them into gags instead of the fact that he’s a predator. It also would have given him more room to grow, as he could have worked to be less lazy and cleaner. 

I understand that having creepy perverts and predators is a common theme in anime, especially Isekai anime. But with Jobless Reincarnation, it feels like the anime industry is going backward instead of adjusting to the times.

They jumped right into the trope and embraced it when going in another direction would have improved the story and made more sense. 

Stream It To Decide For Yourself

With a storyline that’s so good, the predatory nature of our main character detracts from the story and ruins all the progress and growth he had. Honestly, I believe that Rudeus’ more perverted nature isn’t only creepy but useless in the series, which only makes it even more horrible. This kind of behavior needs to stop in anime, especially those that could thrive without relying on these weak tropes.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, give Jobless Reincarnation a try for yourself on Crunchyroll.