Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker 2 Inspired By Controversial Comic?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 6 days ago

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Ever since the smashing success of 2019’s Joker, DC fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel and for Joaquin Phoenix to once again give an iconic performance as the beloved Clown Prince of Crime. But even though WarnerMedia greenlit the sequel merely a month after the first film released, there hasn’t been any major development when it comes to Joker 2 apart from the news that Todd Philips had reportedly signed on to write a sequel. But apparently, a story has been chosen for the sequel and it is based on a comic book miniseries that has been labeled as the most controversial storyline in the history of Batman comics.

As per a report by Geekosity Mag, the next time Joaquin Phoenix becomes the Joker, he will be bringing to life a plot that will be inspired by the comic book miniseries Batman: Three Jokers. As mentioned above, it is regarded as controversial and really divided readers primarily because of the issues it explores, how the characters have been depicted, and especially the way it ends. 

Batman: Three Jokers is a spiritual successor to Batman: The Killing Joke (where the Joker assaults Barbara Gordon, paralyzing her) and Batman: A Death in The Family (where Jason Todd died). In the miniseries, comprising of three issues, a recovered Barbara a.k.a. Batgirl and a resurrected Jason Todd help Batman who has discovered that there are three Jokers responsible for destroying and ravaging the city of Gotham. The three Jokers are individually called The Criminal, The Clown, and The Comedian. While The Criminal is philosophical, practical, and serious, The Clown is prone to theatrics and The Comedian comes across as a sadistic psychopath of the Modern Age. 

joaquin phoenix batman three jokers

The idea of three Jokers existing in the world created by the 2019 film is certainly possible as mentioned by the publication, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker did end up influencing many in Gotham. If a few of them decide to follow in the footsteps of their idol and become Jokers themselves, it won’t be too surprising. 

If WarnerMedia is indeed planning on basing the Joker sequel on Batman: Three Jokers, it will be both easy and tough to accomplish. Even though the comic books once again depict the long-standing animosity between Batman and Joker, the focus is Joker, which is what the Joaquin Phoenix starrer explored. So the sequel can certainly pick up points from its storyline. Also, given that it has already been announced that Joker isn’t a part of the multiverse DCEU (which already has Batman in it). It is only fitting that the sequel doesn’t go about introducing yet another Batman. 

But what would be a hurdle is that the three Jokers existing in Gotham have a sole motive in the comic books for the chaos they create- they are targeting Batman and want to torment him. Their subsequent actions are based on their history with him and the existing story of Batman’s family. In whatever way the storyline of the comic books are used for the sequel, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and the two more Jokers will have to find a different reason for wreaking havoc in Gotham. Given the uniqueness of the 2019 film, we are certain that the sequel will have a storyline that is both delightfully chaotic and chillingly plausible like the origin story of the Joker.