Jeremy Renner Just Got Huge News On Season 2 Of His Hit Show

Jeremy Renner is celebrating today!

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Actor Jeremy Renner received some good news about his popular streaming TV show. You could hardly be faulted for assuming that we meant about the Disney+ Hawkeye show, which had the distinction of reintroducing one of the MCU’s best villains and having the single highest on screen body count of any of their productions. But it’s actually about his other popular streaming TV show, Mayor of Kingstown. That particular show streams on Paramount+ and it was just renewed for a second season. While it may not be quite as massive as Paramount+’s smash hit show Yellowstone, pretty much nothing on TV is. So still, pretty good day for Hawkeye.

Much like the mega-popular Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown chronicles the dramas of a powerful family of dubious ethics in a Midwestern state. Mayor of Kingstown swaps out Montana for Michigan, Jeremy Renner for Kevin Costner, and the cattle ranching industry for the for-profit prison industry. It seems like a winning formula, so no fault to Paramount for going with a sure thing.

jeremy renner mayor of kingstown
Kyle Chandler and Jeremy Renner on Mayor of Kingstown

And if it seems like Jeremy Renner’s Mayor of Kingstown is suspiciously close in premise to that other show, it seems worth noting that both series were co-created by showrunner/writer/actor Taylor Sheridan (this time along with actor/writer Hugh Dillion, also the vocalists for rock band Headstones). Along with Yellowstone, Sheridan also currently has the prequel spinoff 1883 starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (and some appearances from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson). And along with 1883, the increasingly prolific mogul also has the upcoming 6666 spinoff show. All things considered, Sheridan seems to be building a solid, Dick Wolf-style TV universe. 

In Mayor of Kingstown Jeremy Renner stars as ​​Mitch McClusky, the middle of three brothers who control the incarceration industry in Kingstown, Michigan. After the death of his older brother Mitch in the pilot, the former black sheep of the family has to take the reins and keep affairs in order. The cast is rounded out with Dianne Wiest as the matriarch of the McCluskys and Taylor Handley as the youngest McClusky brother and local conflicted detective. Former Dillion Panthers Head Coach Kyle Chandler also plays the deceased eldest McClusky brother. It is a solid premise and cast and really, no surprise that Paramount would renew it for a second season (particularly with golden goose Taylor Sheridan in its corner). 

jeremy renner mayor of kingstown
Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown

Jeremy Renner will not find himself short of any work for the foreseeable future. Aside from the renewal of Mayor of Kingstown, he has been cast as a detective in an upcoming reboot of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series. It is unconfirmed whether the Hawkeye streaming show will also receive a second season. Renner is, of course, also an established part of both the Mission: Impossible franchise and the Jason Bourne series. Pretty much the only thing he doesn’t have going for him right now is a successful personalized mobile app. But he has at least another season of his Paramount+ show, and that’s pretty good too.