Jeremy Renner Posts Encouraging Recovery From Devastating Accident

Jeremy Renner revealed he is up and working after his near-fatal snowplow accident.

By Jessica Scott | Published

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“Thank you for your patience … while I am in the shop now, working on me,” Jeremy Renner said in the caption of his latest Instagram post. The Avengers actor also shared a photo from his upcoming Disney+ reality show, Rennervations, in which he travels around the world, fixing up “purpose-built vehicles” to help communities.

As ScreenRant reports, this is not the first update Jeremy Renner has given about his condition after his terrible snow plow accident on January 1, 2023, but it is, perhaps, one of the most uplifting. The first few posts were optimistic, but often included images of the battered and broken actor in a hospital bed, something that fans, while happy to hear from him, also found distressing. 

The road to recovery will be quite long for Jeremy Renner, who was crushed by a 14,000-pound snowcat while trying to help his relatives get out of his driveway on a snowy New Year’s Day. He broke over 30 bones, making it a Marvel-esque miracle that he is still alive and here to tell the tale.

Luckily, one of Jeremy Renner’s neighbors was a doctor and was able to start helping until the paramedics arrived after the accident, which took some time due to the large amount of snow that had fallen in the area. He was airlifted to a hospital, where he had several surgeries and remained for several weeks before finally being able to go home.

Jeremy Renner is now focusing on physical therapy, but has still found the time to make jokes to keep things light with his fans on social media. His fellow MCU star Chris Evans made a post on Twitter recently about how Renner is “one tough mf’er,” but “has anyone even checked on the snowcat???” to which Renner replied: “Love you brother. I did check on the snow cat, she needs fuel.”

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Perhaps it is this kind of levity and optimism that is speeding his recovery, as another of his Marvel co-stars, Evangeline Lilly said after a recent visit that he is “recovering incredibly.”

The actor has made it clear that as soon as he is “back on [his] feet,” he will be resuming his work on Rennervations, but as much as his fans want to see new material from him, they also want him to worry more about his recovery than about pleasing them. His new show may be cool, but it would be nothing without the actor himself, whole and healthy.

According to multiple sources, it could take a year or more for Jeremy Renner to be back in tip-top shape, but the actor is remaining hopeful. Every day he works to get back his strength and to retrain his body, not to get physically fit enough to play a superhero like Hawkeye, but just to do normal things like walk – the kind of thing many of the rest of us regularly take for granted.

Rennervations was originally slated to premiere after Christmas of last year, but it is unclear now when its debut will be. In another Instagram post, Jeremy Renner stated that the show will be premiering “very soon,” but didn’t give a firm date.

So, until then, fans will be waiting and hoping to watch it – even if they are hoping much harder that Jeremy Renner gets himself fixed up and running again first.