Jeopardy! Made A Major Error And Fans Were Quick To Notice

It looks like the latest episode of Jeopardy! had a pretty major error and it took fans no time at all to point out the mistake

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Jeopardy! is an American institution at this point, having been on the air for the better part of six decades as a staple of early evening game show fare. And after thousands of episodes, it would make sense there would be an error every once in a while. Usually, those are on the part of the contestants, but on Wednesday it looks like the production itself was the side that had the mistakes. It appears that not only did they let on the final score for the contestants a bit too early, but some broadcasts even had the show play the segments out of order. So weird for a show that seems like it’s been on forever and is all about accuracy.

Apparently, during the second round of Jeopardy!, some fans noticed something weird happen with the dollar amount scores for each of the contestants. During the typical ongoings of that Double Jeopardy! portion, all of a sudden the scores went to what looks like is the final tally following final Jeopardy!. At first, you can see the middle contestant, Amie, have her number go to $1 and then to $1000, to reflect what would be her third-place winnings. And then on the left, Jackie’s winnings shot up to $28,801 which is what she had following the final question. Check it out (via TVInsider):

And this doesn’t appear to be the only issue that cropped up during the latest Jeopardy! episode. Apparently, viewers on the West Coast were treated to a completely out-of-order run of segments. It seems that in that feed, the Final Jeopardy! section was aired after the first round (letting everyone know who won) and then it went back to Double Jeopardy! only to then re-air the final round again. This would have been the perfect opportunity to trick someone who’d left the room for the first commercial break into thinking you knew the exact answer to the final question. But alas, these are once-in-a-lifetime situations. 

This has been a very weird calendar year for Jeopardy! to say the least. Following the tragic passing of long-time and iconic host Alex Trebek, the show went about looking for a replacement. After testing out a number of different celebrities and personalities, they landed on former producer Mike Richards to take the spot. But that lasted all of one news cycle after allegations of previous comments and behavior by Richards cropped up and he was dismissed from the show. In the wake of this, the show brought back Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings (both of whom had been part of the “tryouts”) to share hosting duties going forward. 

It’s unclear if this is how Jeopardy! envisions running the show long-term or if they will eventually on just find someone to replace Trebek full-time. That much doesn’t seem to have been decided at this point. In the meantime, they might want to look into what’s going on behind the scenes as well. Especially if viewers are going to just know who won, or the Final Jeopardy! questions before the end of the show.