Jensen Ackles Didn’t Tell Co-Star About The Supernatural Prequel For A Very Silly Reason

Jensen Ackles didn't tell Jared Padalecki about the planned Supernatural prequel for a very silly, and kind of odd reason.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Supernatural had a long and hugely successful run on the CW, and many fans were likely sad to see that come to an end. However, they’ll be able to get their fix in the Supernatural upcoming prequel. The show is actually being executive produced by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester throughout the series run. However, somehow his on-screen brother and co-star Jared Padalecki was left out of the loop.

Padalecki starred in the series as Sam Winchester, so you’d think he’d have heard something about a spin-off. But, when he tweeted about the news, he made it clear it wasn’t something he was aware of. Though he stated that he was happy for Jensen Ackles, he mentions that he wished he could have heard about it before seeing it on social media.

Since these two are long-time co-stars and friends, it didn’t take long for them to patch things up. So, luckily, there won’t be any feud or bad blood between the two. According to Jensen Ackles, he wasn’t telling anyone about the potential spinoff. While his reasoning is understandable, it does seem just a little bit silly that he couldn’t reveal his plans to Padalacki to some extent. In an interview with the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Ackles talked about how superstitious he is when it comes to talking about auditions before getting the role. He carried this superstition into his first time producing and didn’t want to break the secret until the show was officially a go.

Everyone has their superstitions, and it seems like Jared Padalecki understood, so no harm, no foul here. Apparently, Jensen Ackles was on the set of season three for Amazon’s The Boys when the news was supposed to break. So he was only able to get a brief statement out about the new show, which didn’t give him time to tell family and friends like Padalecki.

The upcoming Supernatural spin-off, though executive produced by Jensen Ackles and featuring his narration, won’t feature the brothers we’ve come to know on the show. Instead, it is a prequel featuring the parents of Sam and Dean, John and Mary. The series, currently titled The Winchesters will tell their love story and the adventures they have to save the world.

In addition to executive producing the new spin-off series, Jensen Ackles is keeping plenty busy. He will have a prominent role in The Boys third season as Soldier Boy. In 2021, he also voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in the animated Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One, and Part Two. He also stars in the upcoming Rust which has been all over the news for the tragic on-set accident which led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and serious injury to director Joel Souza. Until that resumes production, Ackles will likely be focusing on his producer duties.