Here’s Your Last Look At Jensen Ackles In Supernatural Finale Images

Take a look at some of the last images we will see of Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Jensen Ackles has had a phenomenal run on Supernatural, following the exploits of the Winchester brothers as they work to neutralize and ultimately eliminate a whole host of creatures from this plane and otherwise. Entering its fifteenth and final season, Supernatural has been a real little engine that could over its years on the air. It feels like the show has been around forever. With the show drawing to a close, there’s heightened excitement around how the Winchester story will conclude. Now we have another look at what the finale could have in store for Ackles and his co-star and on-screen brother Jared Padalecki.

TV Insider has an exclusive photo from the finale episode of Supernatural. Take a look at the image right here:

supernatural finale photo

In this new screenshot of the finale, we see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki sharing a piece of pie on a small-town street. From what we know about the show, and the brothers’ consistent fight to stop the end of the world from occurring, it sure does look like this would be close to the ultimate ending, suggesting they’ve finally won the war. It would represent a respite and maybe even a sense of calm that there was nothing else hiding in the shadows. 

In 2016, Supernatural became the longest-running, live-action fantasy television series ever. That’s quite the feat for a show that started out all the way back on the WB in 2005 and carried over to the CW a year later. Jensen Ackles is one of the mainstays on the network considering the length of the show and has appeared in other shows on the network as well.

Jensen Ackles

The ratings for Supernatural have remained consistently strong over the years, debuting at around four million in average viewership at the beginning but sustaining well above the two million mark over the course of its run. Considering how fast television shows can come and go at this point, especially on networks, it’s a feat Jensen Ackles, Padalecki, and showrunner/creator Eric Kripke can hang their hats on. 

Supernatural follows Sam and Dean Winchester (Ackles and Padalecki) on an almost endless cross-country tour of the United States seeking to eradicate all sorts of evil baddies slowly working their way up the demonic hierarchy until they, presumably, have a final clash in this last season. Kripke left the show after Season Five, feeling like he’d concluded the original arc they set out to tell, but the fight against the under (and over) world has raged on since.

supernatural chuck

That final battle is most likely against Chuck Shurley, the brothers’ longtime antagonist on the show. Starting around Season 4, Chuck started coming around and causing issues until it was finally revealed in Season 11 that he was, in fact, God. Remember what I said about working up in the supernatural organizational hierarchy? Well, this would represent the top of the proverbial mountain. I can’t imagine they’ve dispelled God completely but rather found some way to come to a peaceful understanding about the state of humanity. 

After an amazing run on the CW, which also included him making appearances in Smallville, Jensen Ackles is set to join another budding franchise. He’ll have a role in Amazon’s The Boys Season Three. Ackles will play Soldier Boy one of the original superheroes in that universe. He comes along during World War II and is The Boys version of Captain America. But if we know anything about this show, it’s likely the character is almost the antithesis of Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s exciting to think about Ackles taking on a completely different role which likely includes considerably more carnage and R-rated shenanigans than we saw on the CW.


But of course, before that goes down we have the series finale of Supernatural still waiting in the wings. Currently, the show is 17 episodes into its final season with three left to air. Originally, the finale had been planned for back in May, but pandemic-related issues shut down final production for a smattering of episodes, and things were put on the back-burner. Now the show is heading for its end with Jensen Ackles only a few episodes away from playing Sam Winchester for the last time. The series finale airs on November 19th and will be appointment viewing for fans who’ve stuck it out through the entirety.