Jensen Ackles Finally Returning To His Best Role?

Meg Donnelly, star of The Winchesters, reveals in an interview that she would love to act with Jensen Ackles again, admitting that they're hinting for that to happen someday.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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After an incredibly 15 season-run, Jensen Ackles still can not seem to stay away from Supernatural, providing narration for the spin-off prequel, The Winchesters, but now another star has hinted he may be back in front of the camera as Dean Winchester. In an interview with CBR, Meg Donnelly, who portrays Dean’s mother Mary on the new show, says that “It would even be cool for Mary to meet Dean again. Just for my own sake — that would be so much fun to work with Jensen Ackles again.”

Jensen Ackles was around the set while filming the Supernatural prequel’s pilot, offering advice and guidance to the actors playing playing his future parents, including Donnelly and Drake Rodger as John Winchester. Donnelly admits that they “we definitely have lines or scenes that are odes to that, which I don’t want to spoil,” continuing to fan the hopes of the Supernatural faithful. The main series did have a few plots that involved time travel, leaving the door open for a pre-series finale Dean to meet his future parents.

Dean Winchester may be rumored at the moment, but another character has already been revealed to be appearing on The Winchesters, Loki, the God of Mischief played by Richard Speight Jr., who is also directing several episodes of the series. Donnelly adds a little more, sharing that Loki gets mixed up with Carlos in a musical storyline. Jensen Ackles’ Dean is not the only legacy character hinted to appear from Supernatural, with mutliple mentions of witches potentially leading to a Rowena appearance, at least, Donnelly hopes that will eventually occur.

Meg Donnelly on if Dean will get involved with the action: “It would even be cool for Mary to meet Dean again. Just for my own sake — that would be so much fun to work with Jensen Ackles again.”

Now that Jensen Ackles is away from Supernatural, the star has shown an attitude for playing superheroes, not only voicing Batman in The Long Halloween animated feature, but also stealing scenes on The Boys. Embodying Soldier Boy, a World War Two era hero active through the 1980’s Colombian drug war, Ackles gets to flex his acting muscles as the conflicted character that’s both villainous and sympathetic. Sporting a rough, haggard look for the role, playing a murderous Supe is a far cry from the Chevy Impala loving monster hunter he played for 15 seasons.

Jensen Ackles on Supernatural

Before Jensen Ackles starred on Supernatural , he had another brush with superheroes, playing Jason Teague on Smallville’s fourth season. In an amazing coincidence, Smallville’s Superman, Tom Welling, is now playing Samuel Campbell on The Winchesters, the future grandfather of Dean Winchester. Further closing the loop of DC Comics shows, Tom Welling guest-starred on Lucifer, a show that Richard Speight Jr. has also directed.

Whether or not Jensen Ackles comes back as Dean in the world of Supernatural, the odds are good that at some point it will happen, if just for one scene opposite Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger. Jared Padalecki has confirmed that he won’t be appearing on The Winchesters, but he’s keeping busy starring on Walker, which has been renewed for a third season. After airing for 15 highly successful seasons, it is understandable that the Supernatural fan base would love to see both the Winchester boys back on television, but for now, they will have to settle for strong hints that at least one is coming back.