Jensen Ackles Continues To Hype His Shows Despite Grim Outlook

Jensen Ackles took to Twitter to get fans excited about The Winchesters, which might be canceled soon.

By James Brizuela | Published

Jensen Ackles is doing what he can to keep fans of both The Winchesters and Supernatural as hyped up as possible, though the current rumor is that the prequel series will meet its end soon. The Supernatural prequel series has not received the best news, which could be why Ackles has taken to Twitter to try and hype up the loyal followers of the franchise he starred in. The CW is being rebranded by current owner Nexstar, and the rebrand involves not going forward with a backorder for more episodes of The Winchesters.

While the news that The Winchesters could only see the current 13 episodes that are planned, Jensen Ackles took to Twitter for the first time since August to hype up viewers for the upcoming episode. Even more than that, he live-tweeted during the premiere. Though it was only a few tweets in succession, it was still more involvement than he has had with the series thus far.

Jensen Ackles Winchesters

When The Winchesters premiered, Jensen Ackles was silent on the social media front, but he decided to take more of an on-hand approach for the fourth episode, which premiered on November 1st. Ackles serves as an executive producer for the series, and the series is likely something special to him, considering he was made a star from appearing in Supernatural. While fans might have expected to see much more from the prequel, it appears that the series will live out only one season.

Nexstar has already begun its purging, as some 30 employees at the CW were laid off on Tuesday. The media company is planning to rebrand the network entirely, and this first wave of layoffs is only the beginning of what could be an entire rebuild. The CW has been the network dedicated to most of the live-action DC shows as well, so it is going to be interesting to see where this new network goes, and it appears as if bringing along Jensen Ackles’s show is not on the “to do” list.

Jensen Ackles’s longtime co-star Jared Padalecki is also feeling the fallout from the CW rebrand as well, as his Walker, Texas Ranger reboot series is also reportedly on the chopping block for Nexstar. Both Walker and The Winchesters are not going to get backorder episodes, leaving both Supernatural stars affected by this new takeover.

While the news for The Winchesters is not great, this first season is still going to be rather important to Jensen Ackles and fans of the franchise. It was recently revealed that Gil McKinney would be reprising his role as Henry Winchester in the prequel series, and there could be more cameos on the way.

For now, fans can catch up on the first four episodes of The Winchesters, and patiently wait for the fifth to be released on November 15th. We are not sure if Jensen Ackles will be live tweeting through the rest of the season, but it would make sense for him to attempt to keep the morale as high as possible right now.