See Jensen Ackles Become The Batman

Online fan artist Horrific Heroes posts his imagining of Jensen Ackles as Batman.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

jensen ackles

Jensen Ackles has spent a lot of time as the voice of Batman, but now you can finally see him as the caped crusader… kind of. Earlier this week the fan artist Horrific Heroes posted his imagining of the former Supernatural star as Batman against the backdrop of Gotham City. You can see the impressive image below.

Horrific Heroes hasn’t been active on his Instagram page for very long, but he’s already posted dozens of images imagining different stars in superhero and supervillain roles. Along with Jensen Ackles as Batman, he’s posted his renditions of Michael Fassbender as Lex Luthor, Liam Hemsworth as Aquaman, and Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman.

While so far his most well-known superhero genre role is arguably Soldier Boy in Amazon Prime’s The Boys, Jensen Ackles’ time in superhero productions began almost two decades ago. In Season 4 of Smallville, Ackles plays the villain Jason Teague who ultimately dies while holding Clark Kent’s parents hostage. But as ScreenRant remembered in 2019, the Supernatural star almost showed up in Smallville even earlier.

As the site pointed out, the casting of Smallville‘s Clark Kent eventually came down to a choice between Tom Welling and, yes, Jensen Ackles. The latter actor said he came pretty close to playing the young Superman, though Supernatural fans should thank their lucky stars he didn’t. Had he landed the role — and assuming Smallville lasted as long as it did with Welling in the lead part — he would have been far too busy in 2005 to play Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

jensen ackles
Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling in Smallville

Jensen Ackles made his first venture into the DC animated world as the voice of Jason Todd in the 2010 feature Batman: Under the Red Hood. Fittingly, in 2021, he graduated from voicing the former Robin to the Dark Knight himself in Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One and Part Two. He’ll once again voice Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego in the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes.

More recently, Jensen Ackles revealed that he came close to stealing Ryan Reynolds’ signature part from him. The actor claimed he was “very much in talks” to play Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Regardless of who he came close to playing or not playing, Jensen Ackles doesn’t seem to have a lot of free time to stew about regrets. He joined the main cast of the ABC crime thriller Big Sky in Season 3, as the newly minted Sheriff Beau Arlen. Not to mention that in spite of Soldier Boy seeming to have been killed at the end of Season 3 of The Boys, the actor has hinted he will be back for Season 4.