Jenna Ortega Revealed As Wednesday Addams In First Teaser For Netflix Series

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

jenny ortega wednesday

At long last, Netflix has finally given the world the first look at Jenny Ortega in her full Wednesday Addams outfit. This reveal is part of their marketing campaign called “Geeked week” which is a glorified way of showcasing all the upcoming titles for the streaming platform. The initial teaser of the new Tim Burton-led series, aptly titled Wednesday only showed a stitched-up version of Thing, the hand that is the loyal compatriot of The Addams Family. Now there is a new trailer that has dropped showcasing Wednesday along with Thing on her shoulder. The pair snap together in unison, as text fills the background of the trailer. You can see Wednesday in all her glory below:

One thing that fans will immediately recognize is that Jenny Ortega as Wednesday Addams is showcasing her iconic black hair with pigtails and the polka dot dress that she has been accustomed to wearing in most of the franchise iterations. Her darkened eyes and unimpressed face follow as she fixes those iconic pigtails. She also adjusts the colors on her dress, as she faces the camera for the first reveal of the character. The text reads, “A twisted new series from the mind of Tim Burton.” There should be a ton of confidence in that text, as Burton’s adaptations have all contained his macabre style.

Wednesday stars Jenny Ortega in the titular role, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, and Luis Guzman as Gomez. So far, there is no mention of if there is going to be a Pugsly Addams in the series. However, the huge news is that Christina Ricci has been cast in the series as a regular. She is meant to play an important role in the show, and there are rumors that she is going to be the principal or some such role at the school that Wednesday Addams attends. That has not been confirmed, but it would make sense. Ricci portrayed Wednesday Addams in the original films from the 1990s. It’s good that Burton had not decided to make her an older version of the character.

So far, there is no release date for Wednesday, so Jenny Ortega teasing us is only going to make everyone that much more impatient for this new series. For right now, it has a 2022 designation, though there is no trailer or release date provided yet. With this quick teaser of the titular character, we may be seeing a trailer soon. This is speculation, but we are already in June. Should this series release in the fall months, which would make sense, we should be expecting a trailer sometime quite soon. That is the hope at least.

Wednesday will be the first live-action iteration of The Addams Family since The Addams Family Reunion in 1998. There had been an attempt to revive the franchise via two animated films that came out in 2019 and 2021, but both failed to live up to expectations. The hope now is that this Tim Burton iteration is going to be much more popular. Honestly, Jenny Ortega looks amazing as Wednesday Addams. We can’t wait to see the trailer.