Jennifer Lopez’s Bizarre Forgotten Movie Is Taking Off On Streaming

The Back-Up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez, is a strange 2010 rom-com about artificial insemination and also currently in Paramount+'s top 10.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is a world-class entertainer, capable of singing, dancing, and acting, with more hits than misses, but one particular film is currently in the top 10 on Paramount+. According to Flixpatrol, the strange rom-com The Back-Up Plan made it up to number six on the streaming platform, which is impressive for a film from 2010. While Lopez has starred in many rom-coms during her long career, The Back-Up Plan still stands out because of just how weird the plot is, while still hitting all the beats expected of the well-trodden genre.

The Back-Up Plan stars Jennifer Lopez as Zoe, a woman that gives up on finding the perfect husband and is artificially inseminated the same day that she meets Stan, played by the criminally underrated Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight, Hawaii Five-O). After a meet cute, the pair go on a romantic date that goes hilariously wrong, ending with Stan inviting Zoe, now pregnant, to his farm for the weekend. After making love at the farm, Zoe then tells Stan about the pregnancy, resulting in a fight followed by Stan saying he still wants to stay with Zoe, a woman he’s known for under a week.

Further shenanigans ensue, but really, if you’ve seen one Jennifer Lopez rom-com, you have likely seen them all. Other J-Lo romantic comedies include Maid in Manhattan, Marry Me, Monster-in-Law, and The Wedding Planner. Even the Anaconda star’s next film, Shotgun Wedding, is a romantic comedy arriving later this year.

Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez found what genre works for her, with each of those movies making over $75 million at the box office, meaning that yes, all of those rom-coms were profitable hits. Somehow, a film about artificial insemination earned $75 million, debuting at number one on April 23rd, 2010, which managed to knock How To Train Your Dragon, into the second spot. Despite recent forays into dramas, notably with Hustlers, if Lopez keeps churning out the hits, why stop what’s working out so well?

The acclaimed actress recently had a wedding of her own, marrying Ben Affleck this past summer after rekindling their early-aughts romance. Just prior to reconnecting with Affleck, Jennifer Lopez was engaged to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, breaking off the engagement after Covid delayed their wedding, twice. Hopefully the second time around with Affleck will be the charm, following their original engagement back in 2004.

Other high-profile relationships included Sean Combs (Puff Daddy, P. Diddy) and Marc Antony, the latter of which Jennifer Lopez had a pair of twins with during their decade long marriage. The reality of J-Lo matches up with her frequent on-screen persona of a successful woman constantly looking for love, which might be part of why her rom-coms seem to always catch on with the public.

In addition to Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez will also star this year in The Mother, an action movie about an assassin that has to protect her estranged daughter. Later, with no announced release date yet, is Atlas, a sci-fi thriller for Netflix about a killer AI also starring Simu Liu.