See Jennifer Lawrence In Uniform As Star Trek’s New Comms Officer

Jennifer Lawrence is a Starfleet officer in this AI-generated art.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence already has two massive science fiction series under her belt with the Hunger Games and X-Men, but could she jump franchises to Star Trek? In this AI-generated image posted to Giant Freakin Robot’s official Instagram page, we get an idea of what the former Mystique could look like as a Communications Officer from Star Trek: The Original Series. Given that Jennifer Lawrence has always been praised for her classical yet relatable beauty, it makes complete sense that she could fit into this new milieu so easily.

In the image, Jennifer Lawrence is pictured in a headshot, wearing the classic red uniform that indicates that she is a member of the Starfleet operations divisions, which includes positions like Communications (space-radioing other vessels), Engineering (making sure the ship works), Yeoman (being a personal assistant to officers), and Security (dying immediately on a mission). Hopefully, Jennifer Lawrence would not be that particular kind of Red Shirt, a term that has become synonymous with cannon fodder whenever an episode needed to demonstrate that William Shatner or Spock was in danger without actually harming a lead.

As a Comms Officer, Jennifer Lawrence is sporting the kind of beehive hairdo popular in the 1960s and thus in the 23rd century, as well as the classic Star Trek logo at the neckline of her uniform. Overall, the look seems very reminiscent of Nichelle Nichols as Comms Officer Noyta Uhura in The Original Series, a role that was later filled by Zoe Saldana in the Kelvin Timeline movies. While the possibility of a fourth Kelvin Star Trek movie seems to grow more distant each day, we are sure we will someday get to see a Red Shirt Comms Officer once again.

jennifer lawrence
No Hard Feelings

Before Jennifer Lawrence has any chance to even think about joining the Star Trek franchise, she seems to be taking an unexpectedly raunchy turn in her career with her upcoming comedy No Hard Feelings. The film follows Lawrence as a directionless Uber driver in increasingly desperate financial straits who takes a Craigslist job to “educate” a teen(Andrew Barth Feldman) in, uh, the ways of physical and emotional maturity from his concerned parents. The film sounds like a sex-oriented Failure to Launch, the 2006 comedy starring the incredibly overqualified Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bradley Cooper, and Zooey Deschanel

Failure to Launch may have bizarrely starred two Academy Award winners in McConaughey and Kathy Bates (plus, Cooper has nine Oscar nominations, which should count for something), but No Hard Feelings has its own Academy Award winner in Jennifer Lawrence. Post-Hunger Games, the star’s career has taken some interesting directions from the sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow to the ensemble disaster comedy Don’t Look Up to the unclassifiable Darren Aronofsky film Mother!

Given her willingness to appear in pretty much every cinematic genre, it would not be all that shocking if Jennifer Lawrence did show up in a Star Trek project at some point. At least we know she looks good in a beehive.

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