Jennifer Beals Is Joining One Of Television’s Most Popular Franchises Ever

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

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In less than two full seasons, Law & Order: Organized Crime has proven its worth in the vast expanding crime-drama universe pioneered by the legendary Dick Wolf. The seventh and newest series in the franchise was making waves well before its premiere last April when fans learned that Law & Order: SVU flagship star Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler would be back in action after a considerable hiatus from the franchise. As the second season currently unfolds, Wolf Entertainment continues ramping up the newest spinoffs momentum with some exciting news about an upcoming appearance set to recur this season. As per Deadline, Jennifer Beals- not to be confused with Jessica Beil, Justin Timberlake’s better half – will be joining the cast of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Jennifer Beals is all set for her recurring role to begin later this season. According to Wolf Entertainment, Beals will play the wife of an upcoming antagonist that has already been introduced on the NBC series this season, Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson), a drug kingpin in New York and the head of the Marcy Corporation. Like other special guest stars strewn across the franchise’s series, this won’t be Beals’ first time appearing in the crime franchise. Often playfully referred to as “repeat offenders”, Beals joins a lengthy list of stars that have graced the series more than once. Back in 2007, Beals appeared on an episode of the flagship series as Sofia Archer.

Jennifer Beals’ new show, Law & Order: Organized Crime, from Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, was created by  Dick Wolf himself.  As the executive producer, Wolf is joined by showrunner Ilene Chaiken, Terry Miller, Fred Berner, Arthur W. Forney, and Peter Jankowski. The series centers on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character Elliot Stabler, a veteran Detective who returns to the NYPD in New York following his wife’s murder. Stabler joins the Organized Crime Task Force, led by Sergeant Ayanna Bell.

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While the return of Jennifer Beals likely excited longtime fans of the shows, she’s not the only celebrity boasting a return to the franchise. Law & Order: Organized Crime was heralded by fans for the prodigal return of actor Christopher Meloni. Playing the fan-favorite temperamental detective, Elliot Stabler, Meloni led Law & Order: SVU for 12 seasons before abruptly parting ways in 2011. As the franchise welcomes Meloni back with open arms, so did fans–hoping to get a glimpse of some more will-they won’t-they romance between the detective and his ex-partner, Olivia Benson. 

58-year-old Jennifer Beals has been in Hollywood for over 40 years. Starring in the critically acclaimed 1983 dance film Flashdance, Beals has gone on to star in numerous films and television shows. Starring as Bette Porter on the hit Showtime drama The L Word, Beals recently reprised her role in The L Word: Generation Q in December 2019. Most recently, the actress landed a cameo on the popular Disney series The Book of Boba Fett. Playing Madam Garsa, the beautiful Twi-lek owns a cantina on Tattoine called The Sanctuary. Wolf Entertainment has not made any announcement yet on when fans can expect to see Jennifer Beals on Law & Order: Organized Crime, but with the season now reaching the halfway mark, fans can expect her grand appearance very soon.