Jenna Ortega Wants Wednesday To Be Bisexual?

By Jessica Scott | Published

jenna ortega

Fans of Netflix’s new smash hit Wednesday already know that the titular character is an out-of-the-box thinker, so it is no surprise that the actress who plays her has some interesting views as well. During a press event, Jenna Ortega told reporters that “In a perfect world, [Wednesday and her roommate, Enid] would have been a thing.”

According to Den of Geek, Jenna Ortega feels like, after the events of season one, Wednesday should probably be “off of boys” for a bit. This could potentially be a way to introduce her bisexuality, which was already hinted at in an early episode when Xavier asked her who she was waiting for at the carnival. “Who’s the lucky guy?” he wondered, before adding, “…or girl?”

During the show’s first season, Wednesday Addams already had two other love interests to deal with. First, there was the seemingly nice, normie guy, Tyler (Hunter Doohan), from town. Then there was Xavier (Percy Hynes White), the more intense, more artistic boy from her school whom she spent most of the episodes believing was a monster. 

So, one might wonder, are we certain that Wednesday even needs yet another love interest? While Wednesday was reluctant to truly open herself up to either of the men vying for her attention, her roommate, Enid, was able to put a chink in her armor from the start. She drew her out of her protective shell far more than any other character in the series.

Emma Myers in Wednesday

Played by Emma Myers, Enid is everything Wednesday is not. She is bright, joyful, and, perhaps most annoyingly for her roommate, colorful. With her constant cheerfulness and her refusal to give up on making Wednesday a part of the school community, the weregirl is a force to be reckoned with. Is it possible that she could be the one to win Wednesday’s heart in the end?

Jenna Ortega isn’t the only one shipping these two young women. In fact, Myers also admitted that she and Ortega would often make references to the popular “and they were roommates” meme while filming, which, as meme aficionados can attest, is most often used when a same-sex roommate relationship leads to romance.

Unfortunately for Jenna Ortega, there is just one thing wrong with this dream relationship: Enid is already spoken for. While Wednesday ended the first season without committing to either one of the other sides of her love triangle, Enid is very clearly in a burgeoning relationship with her crush, Ajax (Georgie Farmer). The werewolf and the gorgon had a rocky start, but seem to have reached boyfriend-girlfriend status by the final episode.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a high school relationship didn’t last, however. And, it would certainly not be the first time that a seemingly straight character later proved to be bisexual. So, there is still a chance for the girls to get together and make Jenna Ortega’s ship a reality. 

Season two of Wednesday has not yet been green-lit by Netflix, but with the number of viewers that have been watching and the number of accolades it has achieved, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that we haven’t seen the last of our favorite goth girl and her rainbow-haired roomie.