Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joining Another Superhero Series?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared a tease on social media that he's joining the upcoming season of Invincible.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Published

jeffrey dean morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no stranger to violent superhero roles. Now, he might be adding one more on the Amazon Prime Video animated series Invincible to his belt. A Movieweb article seems to hint at his involvement in the forthcoming seasons of the series.

An image from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Instagram shows him posing with compendium volumes 2 and 3 of the comic series Invincible from which the show is adapted. The Watchmen star writes in the caption “Doing a little reading. Thanks to (Robert Kirkman).” Kirkman coincidentally helped create both Invincible and The Walking Dead, a series on which Morgan became a regular.  

Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer and screenwriter. The Walking Dead and Invincible may be his best-known works though he is also known for co-creating Tech Jacket and Outcast. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Morgan were cast in Invincible given the two’s pre-existing relationship.

He was recently announced as part of the cast of The Boys for its upcoming fourth season. Now, it seems Jeffrey Dean Morgan might be appearing in one or both of the forthcoming seasons of Invincible. If both are true, he’s certainly carving out a niche as a veteran of playing roles in violent comic book adaptations. 

Viewers might already be familiar with Morgan from his role as Negan in The Walking Dead or The Comedian in The Watchmen. These roles may have been instrumental in Morgan’s recent casting in The Boys. Both have him portraying powerful but sadistic characters in often-brutal settings.  

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s upcoming role in The Boys remains a mystery. The series is well known for its violent depiction of superheroes who misuse and abuse their powers similar to Morgan’s role in Watchmen. Morgan’s role will undoubtedly have a certain level of gravitas and be one to remember.

jeffrey dean morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian in Watchmen

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has not been explicit in making any announcements. Still, there are a number of clues that have got fans linking him to Seasons 2 and 3 of Invincible. The animated series was recently given a 2-season renewal by Amazon after a successful first season.

Seasons 2 and 3 of Invincible are both in active development. It was recently revealed that season 2 of Invincible will premiere on Prime Video later this year. Fans are hoping for an announcement of his involvement prior to the season’s release. 

Along with his role in The Boys, the details of a possible upcoming role in Invincible are also up for speculation. There are many fan theories about upcoming plotlines and possible characters. Despite this, Morgan and Kirkman have been tight-lipped.

Fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t have to wait long to see him appear on screen again. They can find him on the upcoming fourth season of The Boys and on AMC’s The Walking Dead: Dead City. The Walking Dead: Dead City is a spinoff from AMC’s The Walking Dead which sees Morgan reprising his role of Negan. Those who haven’t seen Invincible can stream the first season on Prime Video before the release of the 2nd season later this year.