Jeffrey Dean Morgan Just Joined The Boys Season 4, But Who Is He Playing?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is officially joining The Boys Season 4, and he may have been convinced by Jensen Ackles. But one question remains, who is Morgan playing?

By Dan Lawrence | Published

jeffrey dean morgan

The Boys season three was an absolute smash-hit, taking the show to new, even cruder, and gruesome heights. One of the grandest additions to the show was the casting of Jensen Ackles to play Soldier Boy, a new-indestructible misogynistic menace of a super-powered being. Fans will be hoping the next season of the hit show will up the ante even more. To help it on its way, an exciting new cast member has been added to the hit series. This actor is known for one of the biggest shows on American television, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Walking Dead star has just joined The Boys season 4, as reported by Variety, but who will he be playing?

Sadly, Jeffrey Dan Morgan has been cast in an as-yet undisclosed role in the upcoming fourth season of The Boys. However, it is listed as a recurring guest role, so hopefully, the actor will be able to make a big impact on the series. Season four of The Boys recently started filming and it was revealed two new superheroes have been added to the show’s roster of meta-humans: Firecracker, being portrayed by Valorie Curry (The Following), and Sister Sage, with Susan Heyward (Orange Is The New Black) filling the latter character’s role. It will be interesting to see how these two new supes, plus Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s mystery character, fit into the anarchic mix that is The Boys.

For Jeffrey Dean Morgan, landing a role in the hit Amazon series has been something he has coveted for quite some time, and he can attribute his casting to a connection formed on a previous project. Like Jensen Ackles, Morgan appeared in Supernatural, in the role of John Winchester, the father of Ackles’ character Dean. Eric Kripke, who served as showrunner on the long-running series, also assumed the same duties for season three of The Boys. This undoubtedly led to both Ackles and now Morgan’s casting. GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT learned months ago that Kripke and Morgan were discussing getting him on board with the Amazon series and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has long been lobbying for a part on Twitter (see below). Now Jeffrey Dean Morgan has got his wish, cementing a Supernatural reunion with both Kripke and Ackles.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has had a long-standing career in television, thanks mainly to his role as the wire-laden baseball bat-wielding antagonist Negan in AMC’s The Walking Dead. The show’s eleventh and final season is premiering in October. Morgan will reprise the role of Negan in The Walking Dead spin-off series Isle of the Dead. Morgan’s prior acting credits include a recurring guest role in Grey’s Anatomy as Denny Duquette and The Comedian aka Edward Blake in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. Both Watchmen and The Walking Dead prove that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a knack for villainy and comic-book fare. It will be exciting to see if he is able to take on a villainous role in the fourth season of The Boys. Keep your eyes peeled on this space for when further details of his mystery character are announced.