Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joining The Boys Season 4?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan might be gearing up for a new entry in The Walking Dead franchise, but he is being targeted for The Boys Season 4.

By Britta DeVore | Published

jeffrey dean morgan

As always, The Boysshowrunner, Eric Kripke is hoping to keep it all in the family. Prior to his time adapting the satirical Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson penned comics for Amazon’s Prime Video, Kripke held down the title of showrunner of another cult classic series – Supernatural. Running for 15 seasons, the production was certainly a success and spawned both friendships and co-career ships between several of its stars. This year, The Boys saw the addition of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles, and now Kripke has revealed his intentions of bringing Ackles’ ex-costar, Jeffrey Dean Morgan on board.

During a chat with E! News, Kripke revealed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a member of The Boys mega-fan club and was looking for an in to sign him on as an addition to the cast. As the show’s creator put it, “nothing [was] finalized yet,” but the two have been in constant communication surrounding the chance of Morgan taking on some superpowers of his own for the series’ fourth season. Kripke also expressed an interest in bringing the other star of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki on board, but that collaboration sounds much less fleshed out than the possible signing on of Morgan.

In Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan starred as the patriarch of the Winchester family, John, the father of the show’s two protagonist brothers, Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles). Throughout Supernatural’s unbelievable run, Morgan’s character would pop in and out of the storyline. The lore behind John became so popular in fact that Ackles went on to create a series based around the meeting of John and his wife and mother of Dean and Sam, Mary, of whom the adult version was played by Samantha Smith in the original series. 

The new show, titled The Winchesters was recently picked up to series by The CW and will focus on the lives of Mary and John as teenagers, long before the adventures of Sam and Dean. While Ackles will reprise his role of Dean in the sense that he’ll serve as narrator, it’s unclear as to whether we’ll see any of the characters in their full figure form including Jared Padalecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But we can dream!

A man with a penchant for starring in long-running, fan-favorite series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also held down a several-season-spanning role in AMC’s The Walking Dead. In it, Morgan sheds his good-guy Supernatural character and takes on the role of the bad guy – Negan Smith. With his barbed-wire-covered bat, “Lucille,” named after his late wife, Negan’s antagonistic ways saw the destruction of both zombies and the lives of others – causing many shocking moments in the series. The actor also appeared in the forever-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy from 2006-2009, as the recurring character, Denny Duquette, a heart transplant patient.

The Boys third season is chugging along and pulling out all the stops to keep giving fans the shocking, gore-filled moments that have made it the hit that it’s become. With so many possibilities for the show’s future, with new characters to be cast and storylines to tell, anything’s possible. Hopefully one of those possibilities includes a collaboration with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.