See Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Replacement In Jensen Ackles’ Supernatural Prequel Series

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

jeffrey dean morgan

The Winchesters has cast its new John and Mary Winchester! Since the Supernatural prequel series takes place in their younger years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith are stepping aside as Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly emerge as the new leads for the anticipated series from producer, and narrator of the first episode, Jensen Ackles.

So who are these two actors that Jensen Ackles has hired to play his new parents? See the actors cast as the leads in The Winchesters below.

Drake Rodger, who will be playing a much younger version of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s John Winchester, has been in a few movies so far, but his career is still young. In the additional photos of both of the actors, seen below, they appear young and untouched by tragedy. One of the unique elements of trying to imagine Jensen Ackles’ prequel series is trying to picture John and Mary Winchester as two young, fresh-faced kids.

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan played John Winchester, he was gritty, tough, and arguably a terrible father. Of course, that’s a tense debate among Supernatural fans. But, realistically, didn’t Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester deserve better? Perhaps The Winchesters will serve to help justify the gritty character John Winchester becomes. When we meet the character in season one of Supernatural, his family is definitely not in a happy place.

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In Jensen Ackles’ The Winchesters, Mary Winchester will still be 19 years old, and named Mary Campbell. The story will begin with her considering leaving the family business following a recent tragedy. She changes her mind when she meets a new hunter joining her father’s team. Of course, that hunter is John Winchester. When the story begins, John Winchester is freshly back from serving in Vietnam. He is new to the world of hunting. You can see a closer look at Meg Donnelly, cast Mary Campbell, and Samantha Smith, who played Mary Winchester, in the photos below.

Supernatural ran for 15 seasons. With such a dedicated fanbase, and a developed world, the show has always seemed like one that would be ready for a spinoff series or two. In fact, two have been tried for previously. The CW attempted the show Bloodlines back in 2014 and Wayward Sisters in 2017. Hopes are high that involvement from Jensen Ackles will mean a story spinoff that gets off the ground this time. At this point, Supernatural fans have gone a couple of years with the show off air and are definitely missing their long-running series.

Last week, The Winchesters made its first round of casting announcements with two hunters for the new show. Not much is known yet about the characters the young actors Jojo Fleites and Nida Khursid will be playing, though they’re said to have major roles. Since they are hunters, and the show will center around Mary’s father’s group, it’s expected that they’ll be working with Mary and John in the family business. Hopefully this flurry of announcements will mean more news will come out about the anticipated Jensen Ackles series soon.