The Crazy Reason Jeff Daniels Just Had A Worm Named After Him

Jeff Daniels just had a species of worm named after him and the reason for it is completely crazy and hilarious.

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | Published

jeff daniels

Most people might scream in horror or jump out of their shoes when a large spider is found crawling at their feet. However, famed actor Jeff Daniels, has been given one of the highest honors of having a tarantula killing worm named after him. Jeff Daniels is known for his role as Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dumber which he starred alongside iconic actor, Jim Carrey. Daniels has also appeared in numerous other films such as The Martian and 101 Dalmations.

But in 1990, Jeff Daniels starred in a movie titled, Arachnophobia. The actor played the role of Dr. Ross Jennings who has arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders. It seems an actor hasn’t truly made it in Hollywood unless they have been named after a spider killing worm. 

According to CNN, the tarantula killing worm was actually discovered by a group of scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). The scientists who discovered the rare worm named it tarantobelus jeffdanielsi to pay homage to Jeff Daniels and the film, Arachnophobia. This discovery is also highly interesting because the species of worm belonged to a species hardly known to science, according to Popsci.

The actor expressed his honor and how proud he was to find out that he was named after such a rare species in the realm of science. In a press release from the university, Daniels said, “Honestly, I was honored by their homage to me and Arachnophobia. Made me smile. And of course, in Hollywood, you haven’t really made it until you’ve been recognized by those in the field of parasitology.” The actor can definitely boast about this honor for many years to come.

According to UCR News, there are around 25,000 species of these worms, but the tarantobelus jeffdanielsi is only the second of the species that can actually harm and affect tarantulas. Jeff Daniels has had a long career in the entertainment industry. The actor has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his roles in the television shows, The Newsroom and Godless. Daniels also has been nominated for a few Golden Globes and also was nominated at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

A surprising fact about Jeff Daniels is his passion and love for theater. The actor has also been nominated for a few Tony Awards. Daniels founded the Purple Rose Theatre Company back in 1991. The actor’s passion for acting has been showcased through his recognition and also his care for helping others who also want to pursue the same passion for working in the entertainment industry. 

Jeff Daniels has recently starred in a new series titled, American Rust, which focused on his character of Chief Del Harris in a Pennsylvania town. But on the topic of spiders, there is probably newfound interest in his movie, Arachnophobia. The film can be easily found and rented on YouTube and also on other streaming platforms like Apple TV. Daniels will go down in history as a famous actor who had played various roles and received a number of accolades for his strong performances. But not only will he be remembered for his role in Hollywood, but also his large role with the worm-killing spiders in the scientific community.