Jay Leno Injured In Motorcycle Accident Just As His Show Gets Canceled

Jay Leno got into another accident, breaking several bones in his body. Meanwhile, his show was also canceled.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

jay leno

2023 already looks like it will be a wild ride for comedian Jay Leno who was briefly hospitalized for his second automotive-related accident in two months, and to make matters worse, recently discovered that his almost 10-year-running CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage will not be refueling for another season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network decided to shelf the show to make more room for reruns of fan-favorite reality shows including Shark Tank and Undercover Boss as well as business-centered documentaries. Meanwhile, the news of Leno’s latest accident came from a reporter at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, as Leno stated, “So I’ve got a broken collarbone… I’ve got two broken ribs… I’ve got two cracked kneecaps.”

The news of Jay Leno’s accident comes just months after the comedian was hospitalized from some major burn injuries sustained while working on a collectible car in his Los Angeles garage. The second-degree burns would cover his upper body and part of his face, leading to a lengthy recovery process with the comedian seemingly out of the woods at the beginning of this year. As Leno told the reporter, in his latest accident, he was riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle around town when he smelled leaking gas. 

Deciding that it would be best for him to return the bike to his garage, Jay Leno says that he “Turned down a side street” before taking a shortcut through a parking lot. What he didn’t see was a wire hanging across the lot, because the person who put it there didn’t attach a flag to it. “It just clothesline [sic] me and boom knocked me off the bike,” he said. 

jay leno

From there, Jay Leno says that the motorcycle continued to move as he was knocked from it, resulting in a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and two cracked kneecaps. While it may sound like he’ll be down and out for a while with these latest injuries, Leno assured the interviewer that this wouldn’t be the case and that he was glad and lucky to be “working this weekend.” As for his upcoming headlining show at the Encore Theater in late March, well, the comedian says he’ll be there too.

And, although we would think that at this point it’s time to either wrap himself in bubble wrap or take a hiatus from working on vehicles, just because Jay Leno’s Garage has taken its final lap, that doesn’t mean that the comedian’s obsession with spreading automotive love to his fans will be going anywhere. The series centered on the hard-to-find classic cars that Leno had inside his own garage as well as those belonging to other celebrities. From Charlie Sheen to Tim Allen, a slew of new and old friends of the long-time The Tonight Show host appeared to show off their passion for classic vehicles.

With many live performances on the docket for 2023, we’re certain that Jay Leno will be doling out some of that classic car knowledge and advice that made Jay Leno’s Garage the hit that it was during its time on-air. Now, we’re just wishing the comedian healing after his latest motorcycle mishap and well wishes for his name not to be on a hospital sheet anytime soon.