An Insane Jason Statham Movie Is Available On Streaming

A Jason Statham movie that will keep your adrenaline pumping has just been added to streaming. It is non-stop action in this thing

By Rick Gonzales | Published

jason statham crank

Jason Statham is well-known for his crazy action films as they rarely disappoint. One such film is coming to the streaming Peacock network on August 1, 2021, and it is one you don’t want to miss.

Crank is the 2006 film that stars Jason Statham as British hitman Chev Chelios, who is based in Los Angeles. Chev finds himself in an entirely unique situation. He has just been poisoned and must keep his adrenaline constantly flowing in order to stay alive. The methods he uses are, to say the least, unorthodox.

Chev (Jason Statham) is working for “Carlito” Carlos, head of an L.A. crime syndicate. He is given a contract to kill mafia boss Don Kim as the Triads have been making moves on Carlito’s businesses. Chev finds Kim and murders him. While all this is going on, a small-time criminal Ricky Verona negotiates with Carlito to kill Chev so the Triads won’t retaliate. As payment, Verona wants to be Carlito’s newly hired gun. Carlito agrees.

jason statham crank

Verona and few others break into Chev’s apartment while he is sleeping and inject him with a Chinese synthetic drug that inhibits the flow of adrenaline, eventually killing its victim. When Chev wakes, he finds a recording left by Verona describing what he’s done. Chev has a new mission, something that is about to get Jason Statham really revved up. Chev immediately calls the Mafia surgeon, Doc Miles (country singer Dwight Yoakum) who informs him to stay alive, Chev must keep his adrenaline pumping through constant excitement and danger.

Chev has no problem with that (this is Jason Statham we are talking about) as he picks fights with other gangsters and police, drives recklessly, takes illegal drugs as well as synthetic epinephrine, and has sex in public with his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart). But Chev needs to track down Verona. His first visit is to Carlito, who informs Chev there is no antidote and that yes, he made a deal with Verona so they could pin everything on Chev.

Chev leaves to continue his search for Verona. Instead, he first finds Alex, Verona’s brother, who won’t give up Verona. A mistake by Alex that is paid with a broken neck. When Verona finds out about his brother’s death, he sends thugs to take Eve as revenge. Chev arrives before the thugs can get her and then explains to her who he really is and that he was planning to retire so he can spend more time with her. Jason Statham is in his element here.

jason statham crank

Things become more complicated for Chev when he returns to Doc Miles, who tells Chev that he cannot cure him and he has only one choice. Get his revenge before he dies. Chev is able to set up a meeting between him, Carlito, and Verona. But Chev has brought with him a guest. Don Kim. Seems Chev knew his ticket was about to be punched so he made sure Don Kim didn’t actually die. But what about Chev? Is there a cure out there somewhere?

If you are a fan of the action crime thriller, Jason Statham very rarely disappoints. Crank comes from screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor as this was also their directorial debut, and it doesn’t disappoint. The new directors decided to forego shooting on 35mm film, instead opting for digital videotape. Both directors were their own cameramen with one getting the wide shots and the other the closeups. As Statham is known to do, he performed all his stunts to include both fight sequences and cars.

The film was both a modest critical and box office success. Neveldine and Taylor made Crank for $12 million and were rewarded with a $43 million box office. This success allowed for Statham, Smart, Yoakum, Neveldine, and Taylor to return in the 2009 sequel, Crank: High Voltage.

Jason Statham made his name early on in Guy Ritchie films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Both films were popular and led to Statham finding more time on the big screen. These films turned into bigger performances in movies such as the Transporter trilogy, both The Mechanic films, The Italian Job, The Bank Job, Spy, and his co-starring turn in The Expendables action franchise.

If those weren’t enough for Jason Statham, his popularity took him to one of the biggest franchises of all time, the Fast & Furious. Statham joined the franchise as Deckard Shaw in 2013s Fast & Furious 6 and then reprised his role in Furious 7, and The Fate of the Furious. So popular was his character, as was Dwyane Johnson’s Hobbs, the two teamed up for the spin-off Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, which was a huge box office hit.

Jason Statham most recently can be seen in the Guy Ritchie film Wrath of Man. Up next for Statham is a return to the Guy Ritchie world with an untitled project and then the rumor that Statham will reprise his role as Rick Ford, the overly ambitious CIA agent from the 2015 Melissa McCarthy-led comedy Spy, in the sequel Spy 2. You will be able to find Crank on the Peacock beginning August 1, 2021.