See Jason Statham In An Awesome Expendables 4 Fight Scene Video

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

jason statham expendables 4

The Expendables 4 is set to take the franchise in a slightly different direction going forward. For one star, it’s going to be their last movie, with the mantle being passed to someone else in the group. That’s going to be Jason Statham who is set to take over the franchise in future iterations. The movie is currently filming and we are starting to get a sense of how this thing is going to play out on the big screen. Recently, Statham posted on his Instagram some scenes from the set including a pretty awesome video of him and the crew prepping an epic-looking fight scene. 

It’s unclear where in the action this Jason Statham scene takes place, though it is cool to see how some of the proverbial action sausage gets made when it comes to some on-screen fisticuffs. In the video, Statham is seen consulting with different folks off of the main camera, prepping for how the one-on-one fight is going to play out. And then there is the fight itself with Statham looking like he’s run into some formidable foes in an underneath section of a boat. Check out what Statham posted and what The Expendables 4 has in store:

In the scene, it looks like Jason Statham as Lee Christmas has run into some neer-do-wells in this section of the movie, and the action has to turn to fists flying and a couple of knives. The video gives the sense that Statham is very much a part of the choreography in these fight scenes, helping to plan out some of the action. There are plenty of shots of him putting together how things will play out. And in one of the scenes, he’s mixing it up with Iko Uwais. The latter has been part of some bigger productions lately including Snake Eyes and Triple Threat but has also been an action choreographer on The Raid franchise and Mile 22 among many others. Jason Statham gave Uwais a separate shoutout in another Instagram post. 

The Expendables 4 will feature a number of the original franchise cast members though things are going to be changing for the group in the future. That’s because we already know that this is Sylvester Stallone’s last movie. He posted his own Instagram video a few weeks back saying it was his final day of shooting on set. In the video, he talked about how the franchise would be turning over to Jason Statham as the new leader. Considering Stallone was the main driver in getting the original movie off the ground, this could be a rather bittersweet moment. 

Jason Statham will be leading the charge from here on out. The Expendables 4 is adding a bunch of new faces including Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson while also bringing back mainstays Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture. And in the future, there are plans for more movies as well as a spin-off series and an all-female version with The Expendabelles. For what could have been just a silly take on the 80s action movies of yore, this has turned into close to a billion-dollar franchise with plenty more to come.