First Look At Jason Momoa As A Villain For His New Franchise

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

jason momoa

Audiences are used to seeing major franchises do their best to keep everything secret. Marvel stars frequently give interviews where they openly state that they’re too afraid to talk about their upcoming projects for fear they’ll give away a detail that gets them in trouble with the studio. While Fast & Furious has become one of those major franchises that breaks box office records, the stars involved don’t seem too afraid of spilling all the fun details they can. One of those stars is Jason Momoa, who has recently let slip that he’s playing a villain for Fast 10 (officially titled Fast X) and that he’s filming a lot of scenes with Charlize Theron, who is returning as Cipher, another villain for the franchise.

Now, Charlize Theron has gone ahead and shared a picture of the pair for Fast X, revealing a first look at Jason Momoa and Charlize Theron appearing to be in character for a behind-the-scenes selfie. See the photo of the pair below.

Often, a villain character will just be a businessman who wears a plain suit and says intimidating statements about their lust for power. That’s pretty tired. In this first look, Jason Momoa is seen wearing a jacket with some unique embroidery details, suggesting that he’ll be a villain with a fun sense of style. This matches up with the little we know about his character so far. The actor first confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he was playing a villain in Fast X. Sharing his excitement for the role, he said, “It’s fun, I get to play the bad guy, which I haven’t gotten to do for a while. Now, I get to be the bad boy. A very flamboyant bad boy. A little panache!” Clearly, he’s having a lot of fun with the new character. He has yet to reveal the name of his villain, but we can expect him to mention it soon enough.

In a similar interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jason Momoa unexpectedly dropped that he was doing scenes with Charlize Theron. It’s not exactly a shocking revelation that Cipher (Theron’s character) is making a return for Fast X, but it’s unclear if Momoa knew that wasn’t announced yet when he just casually said, “But yeah, I’m excited I’m working with Vin. I’m excited I’m working with Charlize.” These little details are coming out so smoothly from Momoa that many reporters aren’t noticing that they’re new information.

Vin Diesel, who leads the franchise as Dominic Toretto, is usually a little quieter about what to expect from the movies, though not a lot. He recently announced via Instagram that Brie Larson has joined Fast X. That was a major surprise. The announcement actually came only two months after Brie Larson stated in an interview that joining the Fast & Furious series was a dream for hers. So far, all we know about her role is that it’s happening. Hopefully one of the actors on set, perhaps Jason Momoa, will spill more details about her role soon.

Fast X is currently filming. The movie is expected to release in theaters on May 7th, 2023. It’s being said that the movies will be filmed back to back, so hopefully there won’t be a long wait for Fast 11 after that. Fast 11 will be the final movie for the main storyline in Fast & Furious. While there will be more spinoff projects, these two upcoming movies are set to wrap up the story audiences first saw in theaters in 2001. Hopefully, it does the series justice.