Jason Momoa Speaks Up About Ben Affleck’s Return As Batman

Ben Affleck might be confirmed to return as Batman in the Aquaman sequel, and Jason Momoa has revealed his feelings about that.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa is best known for his work as the DC character Aquaman. He first appeared as the character in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and then really made an impression in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. One of the brighter moments of Jason Momoa in the film was his interactions with Ben Affleck, who played an older Bruce Wayne/Batman. There was a lot of chatter regarding Affleck’s potential return as the Caped Crusader in the Aquaman sequel. The movie was originally meant to come out later this year but had to be pushed back due to VFX work. However, that didn’t stop Momoa from letting slip Affleck’s return in the upcoming DC project.

While discussing the sequel with Variety, Jason Momoa was asked about what it was like to reunite with Ben Affleck after working together in Justice League. Although he didn’t reveal any details about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Momoa couldn’t keep the lid on his excitement to work with Affleck again. The actor shared the following:

“It’s just hugs and kisses. I love that guy. We get along too well. It’s very good to see him again.”

Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck reuniting for another DC project is a bit of a surprise considering the direction Warner Bros. Discovery could take the franchise. Reportedly, the upcoming The Flash starring Ezra Miller was set to reintroduce audiences to Michael Keaton’s Batman. It was rumored that Keaton had filmed a scene for the Aquaman sequel and was also set to appear in the HBO Max project Batgirl. However, once the new regime at Warner Bros. Discovery canceled Batgirl, it left everyone wondering whether Keaton’s Batman would only appear in The Flash. Now that the Aquaman sequel is delayed until December 2023, it means The Flash will come out before the project. Still, Affleck is said to appear in both The Flash and the Aquaman sequel, but it still raises the question of why the studio doesn’t just want to rid the Snyderverse outright and start over with a fresh slate.

Additionally, there were reports of The Flash being Affleck’s swansong as Batman. Now that Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck could reunite for one more DC project, does this mean Affleck’s Batman will stick around longer? Many fans weren’t too thrilled with the announcement of Affleck as Bruce Wayne originally. However, the actor proved himself to those who doubted him in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Affleck did receive praise for his work as the character, the actual making of the big tentpole DC projects took a significant toll on him. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck confirmed he started drinking too much during the production of Justice League. It was the reason why the actor decided to depart from the role.

Regardless of rumors, whatever scenes Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck shot together appear to have made the Aquaman actor happy. Now the question comes of what happens to the DC film slate going forward. The Flash could tell us more about what direction Warner Bros. wants to take the franchise. Unfortunately, fans are not going to know until 2023 to see the big picture.