See Jason Momoa Shave His Head In Protest

Jason Momoa decided to shave off his famously shaggy and lustrous hair in protest, and fortunately, it's a good cause.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

jason momoa

Jason Momoa is a pretty busy guy these days. He remains one of the only stable parts of the DC Extended Universe, with the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom promising to be another billion-dollar earner (if it ever comes out). Jason Momoa will also be joining the Fast and Furious franchise in its tenth installment, taking on an unusual (for him) villain role. Knowing how the Fast and Furious works, he’ll probably be a good guy a few movies later, though. However, for now, he has something more important on his mind: shaving his head in environmental protest. Check it out:

The video above is from Jason Momoa’s very popular Instagram account, which currently boasts over 17 million followers. In it, we see the Aquaman star directly addressing the camera and first having his braids cut off, then having his hair shaved off by an assistant standing nearby. During the process (which appears to be a first for the famously shaggy actor), Jason Momoa explains that he is undergoing this dramatic process in order to draw attention to the environmental impact of single-use plastics. Single-use plastic is the overall term for plastic items that are designed to be disposable, such as forks, straws, zip lock bags, and shopping bags. While these items may be labeled as recyclable, 90% of single-use plastic is never actually recycled. It is also non-biodegradable, meaning these items stick around forever, clogging the ocean and other water sources, having harmful effects on humans and other animals, and just generally being awful.

This is not the first time Jason Momoa has publicly spoken about the massive pollution caused by single-use plastic. A native of Hawaii, which has been widely affected by the masses of ocean-borne plastic pollution, Jason Momoa has frequently involved himself in informing the public at large about the dangers of plastic pollution. This new video has something of a stunt quality, but if it makes more people aware and hopefully more conscious of just how harmful single-use plastic is, it is well worth it. Jason Momoa is just one of many celebrities who seek to use their visibility and star status to promote causes, and as they go, trying to prevent the planet from being choked to death by plastic is a pretty good one. 

We recently reported that Jason Momoa is being courted to join another big Vin Diesel franchise after Fast X, the long-dormant xXx series (Diesel really likes Xs, apparently). Reportedly, their chemistry and working relationship were so strong that it made Vin Diesel want to keep him around for a bit. In addition to that, Jason Momoa is also starring in the third and final season of the Apple TV+ series See, which featured the actor in a future dystopia in which sight has become a thing of legend. Jason Momoa will also be starring in Slumberland, a dark fantasy movie inspired by the comic strip work of Winsor McCay, and The Last Manhunt, a western action film.