Jason Momoa Is Partnering With A Major Sports Association

Jason Momoa has a new endeavor he's taking part in.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

jason momoa

Actor Jason Momoa is best known for portraying DC’s Aquaman and Baba Voss on the Apple TV+ series See. Now fans can head over to Netflix to watch him in his newest movie that was released today (August 20) titled Sweet Girl. According to a Deadline exclusive report, in order to promote the film, Netflix has partnered with martial-arts-focused organization, the UFC. 

Jason Momoa’s new movie Sweet Girl tells the story of Ray Cooper (Momoa), a husband and father who tragically loses his wife, effectively leaving him grief-stricken and having to raise and protect his daughter alone. Because of this, he vows to avenge his wife and also decides to defend his daughter the best way he knows how by equipping her with all of the skills necessary to defend herself. 

The promotional campaign for Jason Momoa’s film highlights the importance of practicing self-defense and emphasizes the critical role that martial arts can play, particularly in the lives of young girls, by teaching them a skill set that could potentially save their lives. Deadline also revealed that part of the campaign included a live in-person event called How to Fight Like a Sweet Girl, which was held in Huntington Beach, CA, and was primarily hosted by UFC representative Paul Felder. Additionally, a video was also released on YouTube that features what was taught at the event. Jason Momoa speaks out in the video about the importance of martial arts, even revealing that his kids participate in it and that he loves that they do. Check out the approximately nine-minute-long video below. 

Jason Momoa is clearly no stranger to action-filled movies and TV shows that utilize various sequences directly derivative of many martial arts styles. In fact, Giant Freakin Robot pointed out that fans can look forward to watching Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) clash with his on-screen brother Edo (Dave Bautista) in the second season of Apple TV+’s See, which was initially featured in the new season’s trailer a few weeks prior. 

Jason Momoa has also had his plate full with other action-packed potential blockbusters. He recently wrapped up production on the film sci-fi film Dune and the western movie entitled The Last Manhunt, which are both set to drop sometime this year. Currently, he is filming the highly-anticipated sequel to the first Aquaman movie called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. He stars alongside Amber Heard in the film, which is due to hit theaters at some point in 2022. 

Outside of Jason Momoa’s jam-packed filming schedule, he also recently shared his two cents regarding the light-hearted and rather comedic controversy of whether or not to shower daily, which was first spark by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis when they suggested that they didn’t believe in bathing their children every day. Judging by Jason Momoa’s reaction to the whole matter, he definitely was not a fan of going sans shower. Ironically, water seems to live in the Hawaii-native’s veins both on-screen and off.