Jason Momoa To Play The Wildest DC Character Ever?

Both James Gunn and Jason Momoa are hinting that the Aquaman star may soon play the ruthless bounty hunter Lobo within the DCU.

By Chad Langen | Published

Jason Momoa currently portrays the superhero Aquaman in DC’s Cinematic Universe, but the possibility of him portraying another character under the DC banner is becoming more and more plausible by the day. Following the announcement that James Gunn and Peter Safran had been appointed the new heads of DC Studios, the actor teased that one of his dream projects would come true “under their watch.” Shortly after Jason Momoa’s comments, Gunn took to the social network Mastodon to share a post featuring an image of the ruthless bounty hunter Lobo, and according to The Direct, when asked during an interview with Comic Book if his comments and the filmmaker’s post were connected, the actor’s response had fans going absolutely wild.

jason momoa lobo
Lobo in Dc Comics

Comic Book’s Brandon Davies mentioned to Jason Momoa that James Gunn had shared an image of Lobo via social media, and the 43-year-old actor seemed surprised responding, “Did he really?!” When Davies asked if there was any connection between the actor’s statements about his “dreams” and Gunn’s Mastodon post, Momoa said, “Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fan. The comic I collected the most, and I have every comic there is…you can do your research and find out what it is.”

This isn’t the first time Jason Momoa has shared his desire to portray Lobo in the DC Cinematic Universe. In 2019, the 43-year-old actor told Comic Book that the DC antihero is the only character he would want to take on aside from Aquaman, stating that he would like to play “a villain.” Additionally, before he was cast as Arthur Curry in 2018’s Aquaman, he told the New York Times that he was convinced Zack Snyder wanted him to play Lobo.

Jason Momoa certainly has all the traits necessary to portray Lobo including the long hair, intimidating physique, and booming voice. Considering he already plays Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe, however, it would be rather strange to see him as a powerful extraterrestrial bounty under in the same universe. On top of that, Aquaman is currently the highest grossing entry in the DC Cinematic Universe with $1.15 billion, thus casting Momoa in a different role would be both tricky and risky for the studio.

Next year’s The Flash was rumored to serve as somewhat of a reset for the DCU, but with the recent announcement that James Gunn and Peter Safran had been appointed as co-CEOs for DC Studios (formerly DC Films), things appear to be going in an entirely different direction for the company’s slate of films. At this time, it’s unclear which characters will serve as key players going forward. But there have been reports that Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) will have a prominent role in the DC Cinematic Universe, along with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

If for some reason the studio decides it wants Aquaman to take a backseat, the opportunity would open for Jason Momoa to play Lobo without causing much of a stir. Although James Gunn’s post to Mastodon came right on the heels of the comments Jason Momoa made about his “dreams,” it could very well be a coincidence.

Even if the actor doesn’t end up taking on the role of Lobo somewhere down the line for DC Studios, we’re more than happy to see him continue his run as Aquaman. The underwater hero will make his next appearance in Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters next Christmas.