Jason Momoa Just Showed Huge Support For Ezra Miller, See The Cringe Post

Jason Momoa shared his support for Ezra Miller on Instagram, which would be nice between friends except for Miller's recent criminal troubles.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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While it’s easy to argue that social media has done more harm than good to humanity, one thing it’s achieved is making it much easier for celebrities to stick their entire foot in their mouth. Such is the case of Jason Momoa, Aquaman in the DC Universe and the newest villain to torment Vin Diesel in Fast X, after the Hawaiian star shared a post on Instagram offering support to Ezra Miller. We’ve covered the issues with Miller and their new film, The Flash, which makes Momoa’s story all the more-puzzling.

Jason Momoa shared the trailer to The Flash along with the pleasant caption “I’m so excited and proud of this movie. Love you, Ezra can’t wait to see this aloha.” Showing support to his Justice League co-star would be all and well good, except in this case it’s support for Ezra Miller, a troubled star that has recently pleaded guilty, after changing his original not-guilty plea regarding trespassing in exchange for two felony charges being dropped.

Hollywood stars are frequently accused of crimes as the combination of fame and money can lead to poor decision making. Some stars, such as Mel Gibson, had their career derailed for years following a poor mix of alcohol and bad choices even if no one was physically harmed. Jason Momoa is openly supporting Ezra Miller, someone who, unlike Gibson, is on video assaulting a woman and has been found guilty in a court of law.

Some of the charges, coming from Jason Momoa’s native Hawaii, where again dropped after Ezra Miller pleaded no contest (via Hawaii Tribune Herald). The Fantastic Beasts star accepted the charge of disorderly conduct and the corresponding $500 fine, in exchange for, again, two other charges being dropped: one for harassment and another involving a traffic-stop. Once again, there is nothing to allege about these plea deals as they took place in a court of law, are a matter of public record, and are already more arrests in one year than the average person gets in their entire life time.

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Ezra Miller as The Flash

James Gunn, like Jason Momoa, is supporting Ezra Miller for now and has even helped the star seek out therapy which seems to have helped as they’ve managed to go over six months without being arrested. The problem for Warner Bros. Discovery, the heads of the DC Universe, and all of Miller’s co-stars is that this is only the charges, plea deals, and incidents that have either gone through court or been recorded. Multiple parents have come forward as well with allegations of grooming including getting the state of Vermont to issue a restraining order against Miller.

There is an argument to be made that what Jason Momoa is doing is right by supporting a friend during a mental health crisis. There is also another argument to be made that individuals exhibiting Ezra Miller’s behavior should not be celebrated. Helped, but not celebrated, and not used by a corporation as a superhero role model for children.

Other stars have been canceled for less than what Ezra Miller is accused of, and in fact, stars have lost jobs over misdemeanors less than what they’ve admitted guilt to in two separate court systems. If Miller wasn’t rich and a known movie star, would they have been able to get four charges dropped in the span of 8 months? Probably not, and that should not be celebrated.