See Jason Momoa Go To War In Epic Dune Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

jason momoa dune trailer

Jason Momoa will be back as Aquaman soon enough with the sequel in that enormously popular franchise just getting production underway this summer. But before that happens, he’s set to have a major turn in another blockbuster which is shaping up to be an absolute movie event. The latest Dune trailer just hit and it’s setting up to be an epic film. In it, we get a chance to see Momoa carry over a fair bit of the fighting style we’ve seen from him in other flicks, and he looks every bit a part of this new world. 

In the Dune trailer, Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, a right-hand man, and swordsman for Duke Atreides. He’s also a mentor of sorts to Paul. In the novels, Duncan is critical to Paul’s protection, teaching him the ways of fighting and tasked with his protection as well. It’s a major role in the franchise to start and Momoa looks every bit the part of a crafted fighter and protector, tasked with laying waste to those who challenge the safety of the family. Check out this Dune trailer in all of its sand-filled glory:

We are introduced to Jason Momoa as Duncan in his first interaction with Timothy Chalamant’s Paul, who is tasked with saving this world. In the Dune trailer, Momoa looks like he brings his particular blend of hulking intimidation with a certain levity around his overall demeanor. It’s something we’ve gotten accustomed to in his time as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and other DC Films. It makes the casting perfect and adds just a hint of comedic reflection in a story that’s deadly serious almost all the way through. 

Based on the Frank Herbert epic science-fiction novel and series, one of the greatest ever written, Dune looks like it captures the very essence of the book, a bleak affair that mixes the core elements of the sci-fi genre with a hand-to-hand, almost medieval combat style among its core players. We see Jason Momoa bringing some of that to life in the Dune trailer, putting his assassin skills to use in more than a few ways. In what ends up being an all-out war between the two competing families (the Atreides and Harkonnens) we see the battle waged on multiple fronts. Momoa looks completely at home. 

The Dune trailer gives us plenty of Jason Momoa, but a chance to see some of the other main players as well. There’s the aforementioned Chalamant as Paul whose arc is central to the saving of this world. There’s also Zendaya as Chani, the mysterious Fremen woman living at the edges of desert existence. Plus we see Oscar Isaac as the Duke, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Rebecca Ferguson as Paul’s mother Lady Jessica, and even Dave Bautista as the sadistic Glossu Rabban. 

This first look at Jason Momoa in the Dune trailer is such a stage-setter for what it is to come. The Denis Villeneuve film is a massive $165 million production that’s been a long time coming. It’s set to hit screens on October 1st of this year and will get an HBO Max run as well. There are already planned sequels in the works for what is sure to be a major franchise. And of course, Jason Momoa is also reprising his role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which is filming now.