New Jason Bourne Movie In Development, Matt Damon Not Returning?

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Jason Bourne is back, but Matt Damon may not be returning. According to Variety, Universal Pictures is in the early stages of developing a new installment in the Jason Bourne franchise, with Edward Berger, the acclaimed director of All Quiet on the Western Front, in talks to helm the project. As of now, Berger is the only person signed on for the film and there is no word on whether or not Damon would be open to returning to the series.

Edward Berger Directing New Jason Bourne Film

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The potential movie would mark the sixth installment in the action-packed series that has grossed over $1.6 billion at the global box office to date. Universal Pictures has not officially commented on the project, but sources close to the development indicate that negotiations are ongoing with Edward Berger, whose recent success with All Quiet on the Western Front has made him a sought-after talent in Hollywood. Berger, who won four Oscars for the World War I epic, is seen as a strong contender to bring a fresh perspective to the Jason Bourne universe.

No Word On Matt Damon

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While the project is still in its early stages, it is unclear whether Matt Damon, who portrayed the amnesiac assassin in four of the five previous films, will return to reprise his iconic role. Sources suggest that Damon would be the studio’s first choice, especially considering the Oppenheimer actor was a key figure in the Bourne Universe’s success. If the script and story for the new Jason Bourne align with Damon’s expectations, it’s possible we could see the actor return to the role. 

Jeremy Renner’s Possible Involvement?

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In addition to the possibility of Damon returning, there is potential for the involvement of other key cast members, such as Jeremy Renner, who played Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy. However, Renner’s return is even more unlikely than Damon’s, especially because the Hawkeye actor is still recovering from his injuries from his snowplow injury last January.

What’s In Store For The New Movie

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Currently, not much is known about the new Jason Bourne movie. The development is still a ways away from having a completed script as the project hasn’t hired a scriptwriter yet. So that means there is currently no information on the plot of the next installment, including whether the new film will continue the story of the original character or potentially introduce a new generation of operatives. 

If the deal with Edward Berger is finalized, he would join an esteemed lineup of directors who have contributed to the success of the Jason Bourne franchise, including Doug Liman, Paul Greengrass, and Tony Gilroy.

The Bourne Comeback

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The Jason Bourne franchise has been a cornerstone for Universal Pictures, combining massive box-office success with critical acclaim. The potential return of the franchise with a respected director like Berger suggests that Universal is keen on maintaining the high standards set by previous Bourne films.

As negotiations continue and the new Jason Bourne project progresses, the focus will undoubtedly shift to the development of a captivating script that could entice the return of Matt Damon and ensure the continued success of the beloved spy franchise.

The initial report on the new Jason Bourne film came from Deadline.