Jason Biggs Has The Best Name For His New Series

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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If you thought Jason Biggs was done with pies, think again. The comedic actor is partnering with Thinkfactory Media for a brand-new cooking show. Quite honestly, it has one of the cleverer names as well. The new Biggs-led cooking show is going to be titled, Biggs Ass Bake Off. That’s some fantastic wordplay, and what makes this even better is that it’s a show about baking. Jason Biggs arguably became famous after defiling a pie in the film, American Pie. Now he gets to relive what is likely his biggest trauma, as host of a baking show.

While Biggs Ass Bake Off is another show surrounding a cooking competition, things sound a bit different this time around. Professional bakers will enter a baking compound and remain there all season. They will literally live, breathe, and sleep around their creations. The competitors will have to sleep in the kitchen and make baking creations throughout a 24-hour period every day. They will be broken into teams and must create edible scenes based on a specific theme. Only Jason Biggs will have access to every room and be able to check up on each team as they go through challenges that happen throughout the day. The actor and a panel of guest judges will then test the edible set pieces made by the competitors. The challenges will get harder, and the rooms will get bigger, with the teams shrinking in size as the competition goes on. The finale will be a one-on-one format.

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This will certainly test the chef’s ability to consistently create edible works of art. Anything can happen in a 24-hour period and it sounds as if sleep will not be the main concern for everyone involved in the competition. Jason Biggs seems too excited about this inevitable chance to finally judge a baking show. According to him, “Over twenty years as the ‘Pie Guy’ has led me to this inevitable place – hosting and producing a baking show of epic proportions. I am incredibly excited to partner with the brilliant folks at Thinkfactory Media to bring audiences a show fit for this self-proclaimed ‘King of Pastry’.” He has certainly been the “Pie Guy” for over 20 years, so now he gets to literally live up to that name. There had better be a ton of American Pie jokes being written into this show. Though it is unscripted, there should be plenty of chances to make them.

Jason Biggs is coming off his more recent television appearances in the hit Netflix show, Orange Is the New Black, and he also hosted the Fox show, Cherries Wild. Cherries Wild combined Vegas-like slot machines and contestants’ ability to answer pop culture trivia questions in a pursuit to obtain a $250,000 jackpot. His hosting capabilities from that show are likely what led to him getting the Biggs Ass Bake Off opportunity. With Cherries Wild airing in 2021, there has not been a cancelation notice or renewal of any kind. Based on that, it was likely why Biggs has now pitched his new baking show. Biggs Ass Bake Off is currently being shopped to unscripted buyers at both broadcast television networks and streaming services. No network has been attached to the project yet. With Is It Cake? remaining in the #1 spot at Netflix, there’s a good chance this show will be purchased soon.