See Jared Padalecki Give An Update On His Nearly Fatal Crash

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

jared padalecki

Jared Padalecki took to his Instagram page to post a cute picture of himself with his daughter, but also to inform fans that he is currently healing up from his horrific car accident. It had been revealed by his long-time co-star Jensen Ackles at a Supernatural fan event, that Padalecki was involved in a very bad car accident and that he was “lucky to be alive.” That is certainly not something that fans of the series would have wanted to hear at such a joyous occasion, but it’s also good to know that Padalecki is healing up. You can see the image below:

You must hand it to Jared Padalecki, as it seems that his recovery is going well. After such a bad accident, the actor is hoping to return to filming the Walker reboot that he is currently starring in. Ackles informed fans at a Supernatural event in New Jersey that the accident had nearly claimed the life of Padalecki, and he told fans that it was a surprise that Padalecki was not in the hospital, due to the condition of the car that he was in. Thankfully, Padalecki was not gravely injured. He had been the passenger of the car that he was in, which deployed the airbags that likely saved his life. Ackles also informed the crowd that his costar said being in that car accident “felt like going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.” Car accidents can be devastating at times, so that analogy is likely very astute.

Jared Padalecki took the time to thank all the outpourings of love and support that he has received since the news of his car accident broke. Supernatural was a massive series on the CW, and it led to Padalecki and Ackles being placed on a forever fandom level that only superfans of properties can fathom. Ackles is currently about to make his debut on The Boys, as Soldier Boy. Padalecki, as mentioned earlier, is the star of the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, which is now called Walker. Hopefully, the studio can allow the man to rest a bit more, as the after-effects of a car accident are never fun. They can also be on set as well, meaning the damage might take its time to creep up. That is not the usual case, but it does happen. Padalecki should be taking more time to spend with his family and resting before getting back to the grueling hours of shooting a television series.

The good news in all this is that Jared Padalecki is doing well, and he has shown that on his Instagram page, likely to refute any news stories that might have exaggerated the situation. He is on the mend, and doing quite well, it seems. Things could have gone much worse for the man, but thankfully he walked away with his life. We join the legions of Supernatural and Padalecki fans that are undoubtedly happy that the man escaped a bad car accident without suffering any sort of terrible injury or dying. Rest up, Mr. Padalecki.