The Jared Leto Mafia Action Thriller Streaming On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | Published

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In The Outsider, we bear witness to a world where cultures clash and loyalties are tested, set against the murky underworld of post-war Japan. Jared Leto steps into this morally ambiguous arena, bringing to life an enigmatic character caught in a maelstrom of power struggles and shifting alliances.

This Netflix offering delves deep into the unforgiving heart of the Yakuza, providing a stage for Leto to showcase a performance that is as restrained as it is powerful. Tune in for a narrative where honor, violence, and redemption coalesce, painting a gritty picture of a man attempting to carve out his place in a world where he remains a perpetual outsider.

Jared Leto stars in The Outsider which is currently streaming on Netflix

In The Outsider, Jared Leto takes on the role of Nick Lowell, an American soldier who finds himself imprisoned in Japan at the close of World War II. His unforeseen journey begins when he saves a Yakuza cellmate, earning his freedom as a gesture of gratitude from the powerful crime syndicate.

jared leto

As he navigates this unfamiliar and perilous landscape, Nick becomes more entrenched in the Yakuza’s operations, succumbing to the allure of its dark and violent world.

In a society that prizes loyalty and honor above all else, Nick finds himself in a precarious position, always viewed as an outsider – a gaijin. Yet, his determination and unique set of skills make him a valuable asset to the Shiromatsu family, a prominent faction in the Yakuza underworld.

In The Outsider, Jared Leto’s character enters the world of the Japanese Yakuza

As he delves deeper, forging alliances and making enemies, Nick finds himself caught in a complex web of power struggles and vendettas. The line between friend and foe blurs as he is pulled further into the criminal underworld, placing not only his life but also his sense of self at risk.

Jared Leto’s portrayal of Nick brings a raw intensity to the screen, as viewers witness his transformation from a detached observer to an active participant in the Yakuza’s brutal and unforgiving code of conduct.

As alliances are forged and betrayals are unveiled, Nick must make choices that will define not only his fate but also that of those he has come to care for in this gritty tale of survival and redemption.

The Outsider, starring Jared Leto, unfortunately, did not manage to impress critics, garnering a notably low score of 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics largely panned the movie for its perceived lack of depth and nuance, citing an overreliance on crime drama tropes and a lack of innovative storytelling.

Jared Leto and The Outsider finished at just 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

Many felt that the movie did not adequately explore the rich history and complexity of the Yakuza culture, instead offering a somewhat superficial and Westernized portrayal. Leto’s performance was met with mixed reviews, with some praising his commitment to the role, while others felt he failed to bring a truly captivating essence to the character of Nick.

Critics also pointed out that the film seemed to struggle with tone, caught between being a gritty crime drama and a study of cultural assimilation, ultimately not fully succeeding at either.

Despite its star power, The Outsider was criticized for not providing a robust and engaging support cast, which could have potentially added layers and nuances to the narrative. While it had moments of visual flair and evocative settings, many felt that it couldn’t overcome a script that failed to delve deep enough into its characters and the world it was attempting to portray, resulting in a viewing experience that left audiences wanting more depth and complexity.

In a landscape burgeoning with cinematic masterpieces and gripping narratives, The Outsider unfortunately falls short of marking a significant milestone in Jared Leto’s illustrious career.

While it promised an intoxicating journey into the dark underbelly of the Yakuza, it seemed to skim the surface, failing to delve deeply into the complexities and nuances of the notorious criminal underworld. Despite its shortcomings, the film might find an audience in those seeking a straightforward crime drama to pass the time. 

As it streams on Netflix, viewers can easily witness Jared Leto’s venture into this gritty world from the comfort of their homes, perhaps finding unique elements to appreciate that critics might have overlooked.